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The Tigger Movie Activity: Moon Bounce

Bouncing is what Tiggers do best!

One of the kids favorite places in the whole world is Sport Bounce of Loudoun. With giant inflatable slides and an array of moonbounce structures, it was the perfect place for bouncing around like Tigger!

We got a deal through Specialicious for 5 visits for $25 (<– referral link).

Even better.


Big Slide
Not supposed to go head first – Oops!

Hippity Hop

This trip was one of the better ones because we did not loose any socks, rip any clothing, or cry. Woohoo!
Bouncing and sliding is such good exercise that the kids fell asleep on the way home. Thanks, Tigger, for the inspiration!

Disney Family Movie Night: The Tigger Movie

This week’s movie night selection was The Tigger Movie, and we had a Winnie the Pooh themed dinner to accompany it.

Our menu: 
Eeyore’s Bow Tie Pasta 
Rabbit’s Garden Salad 
Pooh’s Honey Cakes (Little Debbie Honey Buns) 
Tigger Tails
The sweets were really sweet, but at least the rest was pretty healthy.


The Tigger Tailes were simple to make. There are some fancier (and probably yummier!) recipes out there, but I was going for quick and easy!


Long Lollipop or Cookie Sticks
  1. Stack four marshmallows on a stick.
  2. Melt candy according to package directions.
  3. Dip marshmallows in melted candy, covering the entire service.
  4. Let candy cool and harden.
  5. Make Tigger stripes with the black gel after candy has cooled.
  6. Enjoy!

These sugary treats might make your little ones bounce off the walls … but that goes well with The Tigger movie!

You can download our Pooh sign here and the 4×6 menu cards here and here.


Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Tigger and Eeyore in Fantasyland

On our last day at the Magic Kingdom, Luke and Tom were doing adventurous boy things (like riding rollercoasters) and hadn’t planned on doing any character meetings. But just as they passed The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore showed up!


The kid is goofy, but I’m glad he got in another character photo! Scarlett and I were on our way back from meeting Merida and also spotted these guys. We were surprised to end up in line behind our other family members! Scarlett decided not to wait, though, and we got out of line. Instead we played at Pooh’s house.

Disney World 019
Anybody home?
Disney World 021


It was a nice little pit stop and photo op!


Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Tigger and Pooh in Britain

When we arrived at the United Kingdom Pavillion at Epcot, we went straight for The Toy Soldier store for the Pooh & Friends character meeting.

The store was kind of neat with lots of Beatles stuff. Tom asked if they had anything that said both Beatles and Disney, but they didn’t. Maybe on a future trip?

Christopher Robin’s bedroom is in the back of the store and that’s where the meet & greet took place. The line was very short, yay!

  Disney World 548
The kids found the giant Pooh and Tigger a little intimating. Luke opted out, and Scarlett would only go with her daddy.

  Disney World 554

Picture turned out cute anyway!


Magic Kingdom: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

One of the rides I was looking forward to at Magic Kingdom was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
  Disney World 025
As one of those sad individuals who didn’t go to Disney World as a child, I didn’t have any particular attachment to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Plus, it seemed like a pretty good one for the preschool set.
We got a Fastpass the first night we were there, so we bypassed the play area. The Fastpass machine did spit out a bonus pass for Dumbo, though. Score!

Disney World 029
(It didn’t really matter since it was a light crowd on Super Bowl Sunday, but I appreciate the gift anyway.)

We did get to drum in Rabbit’s garden the next time we went back, in the morning.

Disney World 106

The line was short so we didn’t have a lot of time for the interactive queue. But that was okay with us!

  Disney World 109

Over the course of the trip we rode this three or four times.

  Disney World 113
The characters were just adorable!
Disney World 021
(So were the kids!)

Disney World 111

Overall the kids liked it. They could’ve done without the thunder and lightning portion of the ride, but they black light nightmare section didn’t scare them like it could have.

Disney World 022 

Scarlett absolutely love the gift shop at the exit. We could’ve ended up with a whole Pooh collection if we had taken any time to shop. Thank goodness my Master Touring Plan didn’t allow for deviation!


Winnie The Pooh Week & The Tigger Movie

As a mom, I’ve been neglectful in the Winnie the Pooh department.

Disney World 022

I don’t have any special affection for Pooh and Friends, and I tended to avoid the mountains of baby stuff with pastel Piglets and Tigger Stripes. But just before we went to Disney World, I realized these were some characters the kids need to know about. There’s a ride! There are characters to meet!

Luckily, Tom caught the Winnie the Pooh movie on TV and recorded it. We were able to watch it twice, so the kids knew who the heck they were looking at in that British Toy Store.

This week, I’ll recap some of the Pooh-themed fun we had at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as report on our Disney Movie Night featuring The Tigger Movie.

Long live Winnie the Pooh!