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Disney Movie Night Menu: Up

Our “Up” movie night dinner was fun from the start, because of course we got to get a bunch of balloons! It was also fairly easy to come up with ideas, because – bonus! – there is actually a lot of food in the movie.

  up 012
Our “Up” Movie Night Menu:
Dug’s Hot Dogs
Carl’s Prunes (I actually used plums)
Kevin’s Chocolate
Russell’s Ice Cream (from Fenton’s)
Ellie’s Grape Soda


Disney UP movie night dinner


up 007
up 006


After we ate, Scarlett spent about an hour playing with the balloons.

up 014


up 054


Tom also looked up how many balloons it would take to lift a person. Turns out a dozen isn’t enough! We had fun anyway, even without floating away.


UP Activity: More Wilderness and A Campfire

I was looking around for more Up related activities and came across another adventure fit for a Wilderness Explorer.

While we were at Hidden Oaks Nature Center, we saw a flyer for Who-oo’s at the Campfire?, a program where kids learn about owls around the campfire. Sounded pretty awesome, so the next night, Luke and I headed back to experience the Nature Center at night.


We actually ended up going into a classroom to learn about owls before we went outside. I was worried Luke wouldn’t like sitting there being lectured to, but just as I leaned over to ask if he was bored, he said “This is really fun!” He thought the teacher was great. She was really entertaining and even I learned a lot.


She showed up an owl skull, a wing, a talon and a bunch of different species of owls that were stuffed and displayed around the building.


Then it was time to head out to the campfire. Luke was very excited he got to use a flashlight.


We sat around the fire, where to teacher told us a story adapted from Native American folklore about how the owl was created. It was pretty funny.

After the story, it was time for s’mores! It was pretty fun roasting our own marshmallows.


It was even more fun to eat them!


Luke had a great time and wants to take Dad and Scarlett with us next time.

He is a proud owl expert!

The Wilderness Must Be Explored!

For our first activity for Up week, we did a little wilderness exploration at Hidden Oaks Nature Center.


We normally play outside when we visit this nature center, but we went inside this time to see what we could learn.


There were several live turtles, which we fun to watch.


There were also rocks, seeds, leaves and wood to touch and examine under a magnifying glass or a microscope. Luke thought this was really cool.


Scarlett was really into the dress up area.



There were also lots of puzzles, animal toys, dinosaur figures and places to play.


It was really a lot of fun. Great place to play on a rainy day, or just when we’re feeling scientific!


Disney Movie of the Week: UP

Scarlett is absolutely obsessed with Up.

She loves Ellie and watches the part where Carl and Ellie get married over and over again. We’ve probably watched the whole movie 10 times in the past week. Luke likes it, too, and doesn’t mind the repetition, although he prefers science to romance (Cumulonimbus!) 

Because of this I feel like it’s time to make it our official movie of the week.

Meeting Russell and Dug at Animal Kingdom

Look for balloons, wilderness exploring, and grape soda in our future.

Adventure is out there!