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Summer Road Trip: Chattanooga Choo Choo

Luke is a huge fan of trains, so after we dried off from our Coolidge Park trip, we drove a short distance to the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel.

triplaborday13 480

You can actually spend the night in a train car at this hotel! Pretty fun, and definitely on the list for the next time we come to town.

triplaborday13 484 

Luke loved pretending to drive the train. He could’ve spent the whole day there.

triplaborday13 494

There were also several little kiddie trains to ride for a quarter or two, and a big trolley to ride.

triplaborday13 536

After we had explored everything outside, we decided to visit the Model Railroad Museum. The cashier didn’t charge us for Scarlett, so it only cost $10 for all of us.

triplaborday13 498

The museum had a LONG model railroad set up that even had some interactive elements, like making the Incline Railroad climb the mountain and making miniature chickens move around on a farm.

triplaborday13 500

triplaborday13 504

triplaborday13 512

triplaborday13 517

There was also a very interesting section about how everything was made. We all wished that part had been bigger.

triplaborday13 518

triplaborday13 519

Before we left, we spent a little more time admiring the gardens and doing a little window shopping.

triplaborday13 538

triplaborday13 540

I’m so glad we decided to seek out the choo choo in Chattanooga!