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Disney World Resort Hop #8: Polynesian Resort

The last day of our trip to Orlando the my wedding anniversary! Tom and I got married on 07/07/07 – six years of wedded bliss.

And what better way to celebrate years of love than breakfast at the Polynesian?

  Disney Polynesian Resort
We got up early to squeeze in a little more fun before we headed home. The tropical feel of the Polynesian was gorgeous.
  Luke in the lobby of Disney's Polynesian Resort

After admiring the lobby, we headed over to Captain Cook’s for a nice meal.

Captain Cooks

The kids got Mickey Waffles while Tom and I tried the legendary Tonga Toast.

Tonga Toast

The banana-stuffed french toast was huge and filling. A great breakfast, although my mouth tasted like bananas for the rest of the day.

Banana Stuffed Tonga Toast

The kids were restless so breakfast was short. We ventured outside to check out the pool and the beach.

Pool at the  Polynesian Resort

The volcano pool was awesome! Luke, our lava-lover,  was impressed.

The splash pad wasn’t on yet, but it looked pretty neat, too.

Splash Pad at Polynesian Resort

The beach was lovely. The sand was being smoothed and we were the first to put down new footprints.

Beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort

This would be a great place to spend a vacation day – who even needs theme parks?

  Beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort

It was so pretty we decided to walk the path over to the Grand Floridian
Scarlett at Disney's Polynesian Resort

We passed this guy on our way by the Spirit of Aloha show.

Luke Spirit of Aloha Polynesian

One the way back to our car, we popped back inside the Polynesian to look in the gift shop.

Disney Polynesian Gift Shop

Trader Jack's at Disney's Polynesian Resort

And one last photo op – sort of.

Surfboard at Disney's Polynesian Resort

I would LOVE to stay here some day. Better start saving now!

Next and last in the Resort Hop series – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.