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The Princess and the Frog Snack: Beignets

While I enjoy baking, I wasn’t sure I could pull of Tiana’s signature recipe. So when I found out Bayou Bakery served Beignets, I asked Tom to bring home a few orders so we could snack like we were in New Orleans.




The “donuts” as the kids called them were delish! Light and fluffy dough with LOTS of powdered sugar. Mmm!



We even had some sugar to save for later 😉


Bayou Bakery – highly recommended!


The Princess and the Frog Activity: Frogs at Hidden Pond

Our next field trip for The Princess and the Frog week was to Hidden Pond Nature Center, a wonderland of amphibians.

frog 044
The Nature Center itself was closed, but the pond was available to explore.
frog 051
We saw turtles and bugs and played in the mud.
frog 062
The sound of frogs was super loud, but I wasn’t sure we would see any. Then we spotted one relaxing on a log in the water.
frog 057
It was a beautiful day for watching the animals and enjoying nature.
frog 094
It was also a great day to run over bridges to the playground!
frog 097
A lady walking the trail pointed out a snake in the water right before we left, though.
frog 099
There’s a snake in there somewhere!
Then it was time to play!

frog 041

frog 018 

It got very hot, so we left soon after to get ice pops. But Hidden Pond was a fun place to spend an afternoon. We will be back!


The Princess and the Frog Activity: Jazz Music & Sweet Frog

My mom and aunt came to visit over Memorial Day weekend, and we had tons of fun showing them around town.

memorialday 015
Scarlett Loves her Mimi
memorialday 041
memorialday 039
Showing off for Mimi at the Playground

memorialday 112
At the Alexandria Waterfront
We spent Monday morning in Old Town Alexandria, and when our guests headed to the airport, we headed over to the Alexandria Memorial Day Jazz Festival.
memorialday 117

We listened to the smooth bass, soulful horn, and soothing rhythms.

It was a little too mellow for Luke. Scarlett fell asleep. But I thought it was rad.

memorialday 118

Luke said he took so many pictures with my mom that he had no smiles left, so this was the photo I got.

memorialday 119

After the concert, we went for frozen yogurt at sweetFrog (Scarlett woke up for that!)

memorialday 131
Luke had one more smile left.
  memorialday 126

Both kids got gummy frogs on their sundaes. I asked Scarlett to kiss hers.

  memorialday 129
She preferred biting its head off instead. Oh well!

Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen

One of the best character meet and greets we had at Disney World was with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.



We had just returned to the Magic Kingdom after an afternoon nap and the sun was starting to set. It was about 45 minutes until Tiana’s character greeting ended so Tom suggested we head over to her Liberty Square gazebo after finishing our Dole Whip snacks in Adventureland. I am glad we decided to do that instead of ride the Magic Carpets first because when we got there it was a forty minute wait and they cut the line off right after us!


I was worried about such a long wait with the little kids but Tiana is Tom’s favorite princess and he wanted to wait. The kids were content to play with the Cars vehicles I had packed in the backpack so we waited and it turned out to be worth it!

It only took us about a half hour to get to the front of the line. Luke was still being shy with the characters at this point (midway through our vacation!) but Scarlett decided at the last minute she wanted to give Tiana a hug.

The family before us had a little boy with them who was also a little nervous. Prince Naveen started to playfully chase him but the poor boy tripped off the edge of the gazebo and fell. Naveen felt very bad! Because of this, when Luke didn’t want to go up and meet the characters, Naveen didn’t push it. He said “I learned my lesson!” It was pretty funny.


Tiana’s frog princess outfit was just beautiful, and I thought she was the most convincing of all the princesses we met. She was so sweet and gave Scarlett a great hug. Naveen was good too  – although Scarlett wasn’t as interested as getting a hug from him, trying to squirm away – and it was fun to meet two characters at once, especially a princess AND a prince! Talking characters are always fun to interact with but these two were really in character and felt like they stepped right out of The Princess and the Frog.


Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Tiana & The Princess and the Frog

My wedding colors were green and purple, and after all this time I still had some colored sand left over from the event.

What could I do with green and purple sand? Make a sensory bin of course! The Princess and The Frog sensory bin to be exact.


I wish I had some other frog type items to put in there, but in the end I think it turned out nicely. I used:

Green and purple sand 
Green decorative stones 
The Princess and the Frog Figures 
(Tiana, Naveen, Frog Tiana, Frog Naveen, Louis, Ray and Mama Odie) 
Heart Shaped measuring spoons (because Tiana loves to cook) 
Small measuring bowl


Scarlett really, really liked this one. She liked burying Louis, the big alligator, in the sand. Then after a while, she took everything out and put her feet in the sand. Definitely her beach-loving father’s daughter!

She ended up stepping on Ray and broke him, so that was sad. But we kept this one set up for a few days because she enjoyed it so much. And I only had to vacuum up a little because she was so careful to keep the sand in the container. It was a win-win bin!