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Disney The Lion King Sensory Bin

I got some figures from The Lion King at a flea market yesterday and they were pretty nice for our Lion King Sensory Bin.

I made this one pretty elaborate, but it turned out I shouldn’t have put so much effort into it. Here’s what I used:

Kidney Beans and Pinto Beans
Shredded Brown Paper
Plastic Bugs
Fabric Leaves (from a pineapple shaped water bottle I got at Dollar Tree)
The Lion King figures (Timon, Pumba, Adult Simba, Rafiki) and a plastic plant that came with them.



I thought it looked pretty cool. But Luke is afraid of lions. And Scarlett is afraid of bugs. And they didn’t want the paper in there. Or the leaves.

So in the end the were happy scooping beans and pretending Pumba was eating them. 

Oh well. They did have a lot of fun doing that!