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Disney Movie Night Menu: Teen Beach Movie

I wasn’t sure about the kids, but I was sure excited for Teen Beach Movie. I am a total geek like that. I found the movie fun and silly and especially good for summer viewing. Scarlett liked the songs and Luke liked the storms. Even Tom liked that Barry Bostwick was in it!

 For our Teen Beach Movie dinner, I did a “Bikers vs. Surfers” motif.

  scarlettbday 013

Our “Teen Beach Movie” Menu: 
Hot Dogs 
Surfer Snacks
Wavy Potato Chips 
Beach Balls (Cantalope Balls) 
Biker Bites
Spare Tires (Chocolate Donuts) 
Bubble Gum 
Cherry Pop (Kool-Aid)
scarlettbday 017

scarlettbday 015

I thought about serving Fish Burgers, since that is a specialty at Big Momma’s in the movie – but no one in my house would’ve eaten that. Instead,  we went with hot dogs, a nice beach food. Also, this whole meal was super easy.

The Disney Channel has some more ideas in their Teen Beach Movie Party Kit.

Luke is now obsessed with bubble gum. I call that a successful dinner!

I am not affiliated with Disney or the Disney Channel. I am just a really fun person who likes movies!


Summer Fun List: Great Waves Water Park

In honor of Teen Beach Movie, we visited our local water park for some fun in the waves and the sand.


Great Waves Water Park has a big wave pool, several water slides, a sprayground, a large pool, a kiddie pool, and a playground with sand. After 4pm on weekdays it only costs $8 per person!

Tom took Luke off to do big kid things like water slides while Scarlett tried out the sprayground.


She didn’t like getting splashed, though, so she decided we’d hang out at the Under 6 Wading Pool for a while.


It’s only about a foot deep at it’s deepest – great for the littlest kids!

After a good hour, I finally convinced Scarlett to go meet the guys at the big pool.


We hit the wave pool a little after that, but the kids were being tossed around too much so we spent the rest of the time at the playground.


The weather was great and Tom & I enjoyed relaxing while the kids had a blast playing in the sand.



Quintessential summer fun!