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Air & Scare 2013

One of our Halloween traditions is attending Air & Scare at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center. It’s a fun evening of trick or treating among the planes, as well as some crafts, science activities, and lots of Star Wars characters!

airscare13 019

The kids dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Sofia the First. They quickly got a bag full of candy to enjoy as we strolled around the museum.

airscare13 004

We spotted the giant Marshmallow Man where Luke and Tom got a photo with some Ghostbusters.

marshmallow man


We checked out some exhibits and games.

airscare13 036

airscare13 040

airscare13 017

Then we got pictures with a bunch of Star Wars characters

airscare13 050

airscare13 058

Luke was a big fan of the Jawa.

airscare13 055

(Scarlett wasn’t that interested in being photographed.)

airscare13 060

This is a fun event that we look forward to each year, and 2013 was no exception. Planes, candy and Jedi – what more could you ask for?




How Not to Visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios Part II

After a much needed afternoon break, we returned to Hollywood Studios in the evening for some more Star Tours, dinner and the Fantasmic! show during Extra Magic Hours. The kids wanted to go right back to Honey, I Shrunk the kids, but it was closed, and after our awkward morning, we had other things to do anyway.

Sorcerer’s Hat at Night

Our first attempt at doing something was getting dinner. I didn’t realize most restaurants would be closed by the time we got back. The only Quick Service place open was ABC Commissary and the lines were really long. I waited to order for about 30 minutes while Tom tried to keep the kids occupied with crayons at a table Finally, I got our food and we wolfed it down as fast as we could so we could get to another long line for Fantasmic. The line went all the way down Sunset Blvd, but luckily moved fairly quickly. We reached the  top of the hill, parked the stroller, and got good seats before the show started. Phew.

Glow Before the Show

This, of course, was before we knew the kids were scared of fireworks and pyrotechnics of all kinds. Both kids enjoyed the beginning of the show with Mickey and movie clips projected on water, but once it gof to the nightmare portion of the show, Luke was done. Too scared to watch anymore, he went with Tom to the concession stands until the finale. Scarlett and I stayed in our seats, but she spent most of the time covering her eyes or hiding her face in my sweatshirt.

As the only one who watched the whole thing, I thought it was really impressive!

Dwarfs, Mary Poppins and More on a boat!

After that debacle, we stopped by Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster to see what the wait time was. It was 20 minutes so Tom decided not to ride. Instead, we went back to Star Tours.

Tom and Luke rode while I watched Scarlett do gymnastics in the Tatooine Traders gift shop. 


When he was done with his ride, Luke got to make a custom Lightsaber. At only $21.99, it was a really fun souvenir.


With Lightsaber safely packed up, we made our way towards the exit of Hollywood Studios. In the end, we had an enjoyable day. It was just a day that fell short of my ambitions to ride more than three rides, my wish to meet the guys from Monsters Inc, and my desire for a Darth Vader cupcake.
This park needs a do-over for sure.

How Not to Visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios Part I

After a very late night at Magic Kingdom, we spent our first full day in Orlando at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I had ambitious plans for this park but, as you can see from the photo below, the kids were really not interested in what I wanted to do.
After two rides on Toy Story Mania and an aborted attempt to meet Woody and Buzz, the kids were grumpy. We tried to stand in line for Voyage of the Little Mermaid, but it was crowded and with about 10 minutes left until the show started, we left. If there was anything our family would like, it was Star Tours.
3D Glasses and a smile!
Scarlett was too small for this ride, so Tom and Luke went on the ride while Scarlett and I played with LEGO people and pretended to drive outside of the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater.

Disney World 075
To Infinity And Beyond!
Disney World 084

Then we did a rider switch and I got to do Star Wars with Luke, too. Yay, fun!


Next we headed over to The Magic of Disney Animation to meet Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope, one of Tom’s top character meetings. We had planned to meet Jake (of Neverland Pirates fame) while we were over there, but the kids weren’t used to characters yet, and didn’t want to meet him. Since the Disney Junior Live on Stage show was closed for renovations, we decided to just go ahead and get lunch. More grumpiness ensued.

We never did meet any other characters. No Sulley, no Incredibles, not even Lightning McQueen.


We did spend a good hour at Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure. It was really fun, and tired the kids out just in time for a midday nap.

On our way out for rest time, everyone was happier.


We came back a few hours later with more mixed reviews. Part II is coming up.

Love & Star Wars on Valentine’s Day

My husband is a Star Wars nerd. I love that about him. Since it’s difficult for us to get out for dates with 2 little kids, for Valentine’s Day last week, I set up a little Star Wars dinner and movie night.


For dinner, I made:
Star Wars Sliders (burgers shaped like Darth Vader and R2-D2)
Jedi’s Fries
Midi-Chlorian Mix (Mixed Vegetables)
Blue Milk
Wookiee Cookies (Just Chocolate Chip)
Carbonite (Star Wars Figures stuck in Jell-o)

After dinner, we had some photo ops with the masks.





 We topped it all off with a viewing of “A New Hope.” It was the kids’ first time seeing it. They enjoyed it – Luke especially. Considering he’s named after Luke Skywalker, I’m glad!

  new hope

It was a fun  and tasty Star Wars love fest, and my Valentine had a great night.