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Walt Disney World: In Lieu of Splash Mountain

One of the reasons we planned a trip to Disney World in the first place was because Luke loved watching YouTube videos of Splash Mountain.

Then – tragedy of tragedies – we found out that during the time we would be at Disney, Splash Mountain would be down for refurbishment! Super disappointing, especially because this is Tom’s favorite ride. Oh well, there are other things to do at the Magic Kingdom.

 As it turns out, we got a little taste of Song of the South – without even getting wet! As we headed toward Big Thunder Mountain for Fast Passes, we caught Br’er Rabbit walking through Frontierland.


It was a fun surprise to see a character that wasn’t on the official schedule. Tom was thrilled, and Scarlett loved his pink shirt. It matched her princess shirt perfectly.

As cool as that meeting was, it wasn’t the end.
At Epcot later in the week, we had another surprise meeting, this time with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear!
We were able to get their autographs and everything. Luke even looks happy in the group shot! He let Br’er Fox hug him, too. It was a very sweet meeting.
While Splash Mountain still remains at the very top of our list for our next Disney trip, meeting all the characters from the ride was great and memorable. Some Disney Magic visited upon us – how lucky are we?