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Meeting Sofia the First at Hollywood Studios

We are BIG Disney Junior fans in this family. Both kids are mesmerized Sofia the First. Hollywood Studios recently added a Sofia Character Meeting, and we were there bright and early!


The line was surprisingly long for a day when the park had very low attendance, but Sofia is super popular. Plus, we realized later, everyone who wants to meet her probably isn’t old enough to go to school yet anyway, so they can easily be at a theme park on a Wednesday morning in September!

Luckily most of the line is shaded, and there are ceiling fans closer to the front. And we had princess toys.


Finally, we go to the front.



Scarlett got a little time by herself with Sofia to talk about her Sofia the First sneakers and compliment Sofia’s amulet.



Then Luke got up the courage to join in. He’s doesn’t always like Princesses, but he loves Sofia.


Our goal was to see Jake as well, but he didn’t come out until an hour after Sofia. And then we were busy. And then it rained! So that’s two trips to Hollywood Studios where we missed Jake. It’s a good thing Sofia was just so adorable. She almost makes up for it!


Perfect Princess Slumber Party

Before I get to all of our Disney Trip goodness, I have to post about our super fun Princess Slumber Party.

Sofia the First Slumber Party

Scarlett is a Sofia the First super fan, and her favorite episode is The Big Sleepover. She wanted to have a Royal Sleepover of her own. On our way back from Disney, we were stopping in South Carolina to visit Tom’s family. We recruited cousins Aris and Lila to join us for a sleepover at Grandma’s house and they were more than happy to bring all their princess gear for a fun night celebrating beauty and royalty.

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

Luke doesn’t have any prince clothing, so he wore his Luke Skywalker outfit with a Jedi robe. It looked good with the girls’ pretty dresses.

Sofia the First Princess Slumber Party

Aris wore her Snow Queen costume and appointed herself host, dreaming up lots of activities. Scarlett wore her favorite Sleeping Beauty dress and did a lot of twirling. Lila alternated between Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Snow White and Cinderella. Total life of the party!

Sofia the First

Early on, we set up an air mattress. Immediately, all the kids (and some adults) started jumping and bouncing on it. To curb this activity and prevent a pop, we gave the kids some ice cream and put on a Sofia the First marathon. It worked for about 15 minutes.

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

Next, the girls broke out Grandma’s makeup and Aris gave Scarlett a princess makeover. She did a really good job!

Once everyone looked gorgeous, Scarlett wanted to play a game from Sofia’s sleepover, Pin the Tail on the Unicorn.

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

She had never played a “pin the tail” type game before, but she did really well. By the end of the game, everyone was pretty much getting their tails in the right spot. They celebrated their success with chocolate milk, just like Sofia had in her chocolate milk fountain!

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover
Everyone burned off the sugar with some “ballroom” dancing.

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

Finally, it was time to actually sleep at the sleepover. Scarlett didn’t want to take of her princess dress, but then realized the Cinderella nightgown she brought looked like Wendy’s from Peter Pan. The she was cool with it.

Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

It only took the kids about 2 hours to fall asleep after that! 
Sofia the First Princess Sleepover

The next day, we had to leave. It was sad, but we created some great memories to hold us over until our next visit!

  Sofia the First Princess Sleepover
Princess love!

Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Sparkling Sofia The First

Back in November, we had a little princess party for the premiere of Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess.

Scones and Purple Princess Juice
A Princess and A Knight
My little princess

Since then, the kids have really enjoyed Sofia – even Luke who’s often not a fan of “girl things.”

The Easter Bunny brought Scarlett some Sofia the First figures, which were perfect for this sparkly senory bin.

sofia 001

The base was Epsom Salt. Scarlett absolutely loved playing with this. I will have to use this much more often. I also sprinkled in some purple glitter and some large plastic jewel beads. I wish they had been purple, too, for Sofia’s amulet but I just used what I had. It ended up quite pretty and Scarlett spent over and hour burying Sofia, Amber and James in salt!

  sofia 002

She was happy with it!