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Disney The Lion King Sensory Bin

I got some figures from The Lion King at a flea market yesterday and they were pretty nice for our Lion King Sensory Bin.

I made this one pretty elaborate, but it turned out I shouldn’t have put so much effort into it. Here’s what I used:

Kidney Beans and Pinto Beans
Shredded Brown Paper
Plastic Bugs
Fabric Leaves (from a pineapple shaped water bottle I got at Dollar Tree)
The Lion King figures (Timon, Pumba, Adult Simba, Rafiki) and a plastic plant that came with them.



I thought it looked pretty cool. But Luke is afraid of lions. And Scarlett is afraid of bugs. And they didn’t want the paper in there. Or the leaves.

So in the end the were happy scooping beans and pretending Pumba was eating them. 

Oh well. They did have a lot of fun doing that!


Disney Sensory Bins Week!

Since Tom goes to bed earlier than the kids sometimes, I’ve been trying to have some quiet activities available for these nights. One of the kids’ favorites is Sensory Bins.

I’ve posted a few Disney-Themed bins before:

This week I will be featuring some more inspired by Disney.
  sense copy
Upcoming themes are:
Come back during the week to check them out!

Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Sparkling Sofia The First

Back in November, we had a little princess party for the premiere of Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess.

Scones and Purple Princess Juice
A Princess and A Knight
My little princess

Since then, the kids have really enjoyed Sofia – even Luke who’s often not a fan of “girl things.”

The Easter Bunny brought Scarlett some Sofia the First figures, which were perfect for this sparkly senory bin.

sofia 001

The base was Epsom Salt. Scarlett absolutely loved playing with this. I will have to use this much more often. I also sprinkled in some purple glitter and some large plastic jewel beads. I wish they had been purple, too, for Sofia’s amulet but I just used what I had. It ended up quite pretty and Scarlett spent over and hour burying Sofia, Amber and James in salt!

  sofia 002

She was happy with it!


Disney Cars Activity: Sensory Bin

I made a Cars-inspired sensory bin to go with our movie watching.


The base was black beans for a road look.

Then I added die cast Cars cars – Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc, Fillmore, and a Security Guard car.

I also added some little traffic toys I had from Mega Blocks and a vintage Little People set. I had traffic lights, stop signs, a parking meter, traffic cones, a fire hydrant and some wheels.
I also found some Duplo blocks from a Cars set that I put in the bin.
Luke loved this one more than normal. Scarlett took all the extra pieces out and just played with beans and the cars. Both of them enjoy scooping and pouring beans, so any bin that contains those will be fun for them. I was pretty pleased with the way this one came out – I thought it looked fun!

Disney Sensory Bin: Wreck It Ralph Candy Racers

I put together a little candy sensory bin for Wreck- It Ralph.


I had some rainbow sprinkles and nonpariels to use as the base. I put a cupcake liner in there for filling up with a spoon. We had some gummy strings as well as a swirly lollipop that was broken. They were sticky but fun.
Tom has some of the Sugar Rush candy racer toys, so I put King Candy’s car in there too.


Scarlett decided she wanted some more cars in there so she added the cars from Taffyta Muttonfudge and Snowanna Rainbeau.


Surprisingly, the kids didn’t try to eat it! I guess they had their fill of candy from the candy store. I might try to pull together an arcade themed bin, too. I just have to figure out what to put in it!