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Disney Sensory Bin: Frozen

Scarlett got  a Disney Frozen My Busy Book for Christmas. It came with a bunch of small characters that were good for a Frozen themed sensory bin.


I used salt to make a snow-looking base, and added some snowflake charms. I think it looked very pretty!




Scarlett has been obsessed with Frozen for months, so she enjoyed this. She mostly buried the characters in the salt. I forgot to take pictures, but she had a good time.


Disney Princess Inspired Sensory Bin: Rapunzel

I hadn’t done a sensory bin in a while. With some yellow yarn on hand, it was easy to make this one for our Tangled week.


This bin included: 
Purple jewels 
Flower confetti 
Fisher Price Little People Rapunzel Figure

This was a popular one! Both Luke and Scarlett loved the yarn. They spent a lot of time separating the yarn from the smaller objects. Easy clean up, too!




Sensory Bin Inspired by The Wizard of Oz

After reading this DIY scented rice post from Growing A Jeweled Rose, I knew I wanted to try it. I found some Pina-Pineapple Kool-Aid mix on clearance and it was the perfect shade for making a rice Yellow Brick Road!

While it’s tropical scent probably didn’t smell much like Oz (although it smelled delicious), I thought it looked pretty good.


I added some sparkly cardboard flowers in pink for poppies and green for the Emerald City. I also added a basket for Dorothy as well as a Lion, Tiger and Bear.

Oh My!

  Luke dove right in and mixed it up immediately. That’s part of the fun, of course!

Mmm – Pineapples!


He made a rice house for the animals, and then bulldozed it with this hands. And then he started tossing rice, so that was the end of that :). Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Disney Sensory Bin: Surfing with Lilo & Stitch

I found a bag of Lilo & Stitch McDonald’s toys at the thrift store which we ended up working nicely in our space/surfing Sensory Bin.


I added the toys to some silver pebbles I found on clearance in the wedding section at Michael’s. They looked sort of outer-spacey and cool, although they did turn our figures gray.

The characters wiggle at the waist, so Scarlett enjoyed putting them on the surfboard and making them dance.

She also liked scooping the pebbles.

This was a fun, if messy, bin!


Disney Bolt Inspired Sensory Bin

My obsession with sensory bins continues, this time with Bolt’s kryptonite, Styrofoam!


I included:

Styrofoam packing pieces
Styrofoam balls
White mini pom poms
Yellow felt lightning bolts
Plastic carrot (for Bolt’s favorite toy)
Small glittery balloon animal dog buttons


I thought this one was sort of “blah” but Scarlett liked it immediately. She started talking about the difference between the fluffy small balls and the hard bigger balls. She really enjoyed comparing the two! She arranged them by size and had fun sorting as well. Cool!

I probably won’t use styrofoam again because Luke’s favorite thing to do with it was dump it out and leave it on the floor. But this one was easy to put together a bin made of stuff I already had around the house (yes, even the funny little balloon dogs). I’m glad the kids could have fun with it.


Disney Toy Story Sensory Bin

The last Disney sensory bin of the week is here: Toy Story!

  toystory 001
I thought about using Legos, but I thought the kids might just end up building with them. So, I used rice again. Also in the bin:
Army Men
Wooden Blocks
Mr. Potato Head parts
Lego Duplo Toy Story Figures (Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Alien)
toystory 003
toystory 002

Right away, Scarlett started scooping the rice with Potato Head eyes. I hadn’t thought of that! She said, “It’s raining on Jessie!” Pretty creative 🙂


Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Snow White

Snow White is Scarlett’s favorite Disney movie (she likes the oldies!). She especially loves Sneezy. I put together this Snow White sensory bin for her.

Originally I was going to use Epsom Salt for “snow” but then I discovered black eyed peas feel a lot like wood. I used them instead, for a forest-y feel. (I LOVE them, and I’m still running my fingers through the bin on a daily basis. I might make a black eyed pea sensory bin for myself!)
I also added:
Sliced red apple (non-poisoned)
Red plastic jewels for the Dwarfs’ mine
Tin foil for the Magic Mirror
Snow White and Evil Queen figures

This was a short-lived activity, because the apples got brown pretty fast, and the til foil got crumpled. I would like to use little craft mirrors in the future; I’m just not sure if the kids could cut themselves with them.

I might make another one if I can get my hands on some dwarf figures. I think it would be cool to do one with a mining theme.


Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was the quintessential Disney movie for my younger years. My sister and I must have watched it, along with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, just about a billion times. My eighth grade French class, after watching La Belle et Le Bete, even formed a short-lived Beauty and The Beast fan club.

Disney nerds 4 eva.

Anyway, I saw fake roses in the dollar store and pretty much needed to buy them for a Beauty and the Beast sensory bin.

Here’s what I included:
White Rice
Red fabric roses (with glitter!) 
Red decorative stones
Foam princess stamps (Dress, castle, mirror)
Pretend tea cup
Evenflo Switch A Roo Tea Pot
Fisher-Price Little People Beast Figure


For some reason, rice is one thing the kids love to throw around. They’ll keep all the beans I can find in the bin, but lots of rice ends up on the floor. Le sigh.

They did like scooping with the tea cup. If I do this one again, I might use real tea cups. The texture and even the sound would probably be fun. Maybe I will figure out how to die rice as well. It would be pretty in yellow!


Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Tiana & The Princess and the Frog

My wedding colors were green and purple, and after all this time I still had some colored sand left over from the event.

What could I do with green and purple sand? Make a sensory bin of course! The Princess and The Frog sensory bin to be exact.


I wish I had some other frog type items to put in there, but in the end I think it turned out nicely. I used:

Green and purple sand 
Green decorative stones 
The Princess and the Frog Figures 
(Tiana, Naveen, Frog Tiana, Frog Naveen, Louis, Ray and Mama Odie) 
Heart Shaped measuring spoons (because Tiana loves to cook) 
Small measuring bowl


Scarlett really, really liked this one. She liked burying Louis, the big alligator, in the sand. Then after a while, she took everything out and put her feet in the sand. Definitely her beach-loving father’s daughter!

She ended up stepping on Ray and broke him, so that was sad. But we kept this one set up for a few days because she enjoyed it so much. And I only had to vacuum up a little because she was so careful to keep the sand in the container. It was a win-win bin!


Disney’s The Little Mermaid Inspired Sensory Bin

I’d been wanting to try out some floral water beads with the kids and decided they’d be good for sensory bin with a Little Mermaid theme.


The package did say that they were not for use by children, so I hesitated. But then I decided to use them and carefully supervise and it all turned out okay.
Here’s what I put in this one:
Clear water beads
Blue decorative stones
The Little Mermaid Figures (Ariel, Ursula, Triton, Max – we lost Eric somehow)
Fish (Fisher Price Little People X-ray fish, specifically)
Dinglehoppers (forks!)
A Spyglass
I was surprised that Luke liked this one more than Scarlett. He does like mermaids. He also spent a good amount of time trying to squish the little beads.

Overall, this one wasn’t as much of a hit as I’d imagined. At least I thought it was pretty!