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Lilo & Stitch Pretend Play: Surf Shop

For Lilo & Stitch week, we turned the kid’s toy market into a surf shop. We decorated with some leis, coconut and pineapple cup, and some signs. Scarlett put on her rash guard and bathing suit bottoms to get the full effect.

 ohana 013

(Luke didn’t want to wear a bathing suit, but instead wanted to pretend his underwear was a suit – so that’s why he’s not in the pictures.)

ohana 010

The kids spent about a minute pretending to discuss surfing then kept buying the pineapple from each other. They also put lots of little toys in the coconut and kept yelling “Surprise!” when they opened it. Super fun times.
Get some printables of the Surf Shop sign and Rental Rates sign for your own pretend surf shop.
Have fun and hang ten!

Disney Princess Pretend Play: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

When we were at the Magic Kingdom, Scarlett was enamored with all the little girls who had been beautifully made up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. She did eventually get her Princess Hair at the Harmony Barber Shop, but at 2 years old, she isn’t yet big enough to have a real princess make-over.

Not to worry! After the success of our Doc McStuffins pretend play, I came up with the idea of making our own Princess Salon. A DIY Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!

Again, I made a few signs and forms in Photoshop.
Please Sign In

Pincess Hairstyle Inspiration

Waiting Area
  UntitledStyling Area
Make Up and Stuff
I put out a Lightning McQueen pit crew costume so Luke could play, too. But he didn’t want to dress up – Scarlett did! She wouldn’t pose for a picture though. 
Both kids actually enjoyed playing with this set up. Their favorite “service” was the Princess Bath. I put pink lemonade Kool Aid mix into the bath water as well as some pink glitter. They were delighted! 
Aladdin gets a “Prince” bath – with a manly firetruck.

This was definitely a fun activity. We even continued the makeover fun after we cleaned up by finding an easy to use Hair Salon app for the iPad.

I’m glad we thought this up. It was fun being fairy godmothers to our little dolls!

Some of our decorations are available to print:


Doc McStuffins Pretend Play: The Doc Is In!

Scarlett is obsessed with Doc McStuffins. She is always playing in her “clinic” or bandaging us up or diagnosing her dolls with some kind of “-osis.” So I decided to help her out and make her a full fledged doctor’s office.


Inspired by this post, I whipped up a few forms and signs in PhotoShop.

I found some x-rays here, an eye chart here, and Doc’s sign here.

We brought out Lambie and Stuffy to work the reception desk, and sat our Doctor Mommy doll in the waiting area.



Scarlett had a blast. She LOVED that she had real Band Aids to play with, and she also liked the pill bottle filled with candy.

She played with her patients all day. Dr. Scarlett’s clinic was a success!