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Kid Friendly Oscar Party

Since Tom and I are huge film nerds, the Oscars are pretty much our Super Bowl. Every year since 2005, I’ve put together a dinner based on the nominees. It is pure geeky fun!

Oscar Steph
2005 Academy Award Party – Woohoo!
The Spread
2005 Oscar Party Dinner (Including Nominees from Sideways and Spider-Man 2)

This year, I wanted the kids to be able to get in on the fun. So our dinner focused on the Best Animated Feature nominees!


Our Menu: 
Brave – Merida’s Scottish Shepherd’s Pie
Frankenweenie – FrankenWeenies in a Blanket
ParaNorman – Zombie Cupcakes
Wreck-It Ralph – Vanellope’s Sugar Rush (candy)

Not actually the Scottish recipe, but tasty!

Frankenweenies in a Blanket (Lil Smokies in crescent rolls)

Green Frosting and Lifesavers = zombies
Leftover Valentine’s Day Candy – Spice Drops, Lifesavers, Pixy Stix

I printed out the movie posters on 5×7 paper and stuck them in frames as table decor. I should have been doing this all along! I also printed out some coloring and activity pages based on the movies.

Luke loves a good maze.

I also improvised another round of photo props. Some of them were free printables from Oh Happy Day. The rest are from free clip art.




Scarlett is loving the photo props. Luke is not a fan of getting his pictures taken, but I got one smile out of him.

While the award show itself turned out to be not very kid-friendly, it worked out because the kids fell asleep right after the red carpet show.

I’m happy we included the kids this year.
P.S. – Congratulations to Brave for winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature!