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Summer Road Trip: Storyland in New Orleans

On our way out of New Orleans, we made a stop at Storyland, a fun storybook-themed play area.

triplaborday13 177

It was very hot and humid, as expected, but the park was shady and the kids adored the place. Plus it only cost $3 per person.

triplaborday13 333

It featured many of our favorite stories, and more!

Some highlights:

  • Captain Hook’s Ship

triplaborday13 317

triplaborday13 319

  • Pinocchio’s Whale
triplaborday13 194
  • Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage
triplaborday13 203
  • Dragon Slide

triplaborday13 217

  • Firetruck 

triplaborday13 215
  • Rocket Ship
  triplaborday13 303 

We also played at a gingerbread house, Jack & Jill’s hill, the Three Little Pigs’ houses, and an Alice in Wonderland crooked house, as well as admired a mermaid in a fountain, a Rapunzel statues, and mother goose flying through the air.

The absolute favorite part of the visit, however, was Snow White.

triplaborday13 306

Asleep and under a spell outside of the dwarfs’ cottage, Snow White just had to be woken up!

Scarlett searched high and low at Storyland for a prince to kiss Snow White and wake her up.
  triplaborday13 265

No help from a dwarf.

triplaborday13 279

Luke’s kiss was ineffective.

triplaborday13 273

Even Rapunzel couldn’t get the job done.

Scarlett was kind of distraught! She did NOT want to leave Snow White under the spell of the poison apple.

triplaborday13 308

We pretty much had to drag her out of there. Luckily, I had the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on my iPad so she could see that eventually, the prince would come to wake Snow White up. Phew! Now Scarlett says, “Snow White ate a poison apple, but she got through it.” Funny girl!

triplaborday13 321

We left through the clock, and were on our way to the last two stops on our trip: a pit stop in Alabama, then on to Chattanooga, Tennessee!


Summer Road Trip: New Orleans, Louisiana

The kids had never been to Louisiana, so after Tom was done with his business trip, we headed to New Orleans.

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Our plan was to go to Storyland before checking into our hotel, but we arrived late and it was already closed. We ended up getting a little energy out at the nearby playground at New Orleans City Park.

triplaborday13 081

triplaborday13 088

Our alma mater had a football game that night, so we grabbed some dinner at Bayou Hot Wings (yum!) and spent the rest of the night watching TV in our hotel room and swimming in the hotel pool.

The next morning, it was time to see what New Orleans was all about.

triplaborday13 167

We walked to the French Quarter, which we figured would be more kid-friendly at 8 am than at night!

triplaborday13 158
We enjoyed breakfast at the famous Cafe Du Monde. Beignets and cafe au lait for everyone! (well, chocolate milk for the kids…)
triplaborday13 150
We had tried beignets earlier in the year during our Princess and the Frog week. Even though they were very good, the ones at Cafe du Mondewere a million times better. So delicious!

The whole breakfast was reasonably priced as well. We got three orders of beignets – 9 total – for under $9 and that turned out to be too many for the four of us. Made a nice road snack later, though!
triplaborday13 155
Cafe du Monde Menu

They also sold Cafe Du Monde paper hats for 15 cents – souvenir bargain! Luke was quite happy. 


After breakfast, we walked around the French Quarter, which was pretty family friendly in the morning. We found a toy store, The Little Toy Shop, where Scarlett got a pretty mask for $5.

triplaborday13 164

triplaborday13 340

We also saw a horse and carriage, a street car, and a banana tree! – how fun is that?

triplaborday13 163

triplaborday13 174

triplaborday13 160

We headed back to our hotel to check out and then go to Storyland when it was actually open.

My Storyland recap is coming in the next post!