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Disney Movie of the Week: Beauty and the Beast

This week’s movie is one of my favorites: Beauty and the Beast!

Tom, Luke and Chip!

I recorded this movie off of ABC Family when it aired on Easter, and I’ve been waiting impatiently to watch it. The kids have seen it once before. Scarlett was a little afraid of “The Bear” aka the Beast, but she liked the music a lot.

My little actor in a Photopass Magic Shot

I have a few good activities to do as well for this week’s theme. We should keep ourselves entertained!


Disney Movie of the Week: Bolt

This week, our movie is Luke’s favorite, Bolt!

The kids loves dogs, and trains, which puts this film at the top of our Disney list. Throw in the maps and the action sequences, and Luke is hooked!
Sonny & Lassie
Our Dog, Sonny, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

I’m not sure why this movie isn’t very popular. Someone else out there must like it, too, right? Just in case, I’ll be posting a few activities and a movie night dinner. Bolt Fans Unite!


Movie of the Week: Cars

With a car show coming up, we decided it would be a good time for a Cars movie night. Tom and I are huge Cars fans. It even inspired us to take a cross country road trip along Route 66 in 2006.

Beetle Ranch
Sonny and Me at Beetle Ranch in Conway, TX (2006)
Luke was also pretty obsessed with Cars as a toddler – he slept with Luigi and Guido every night for a while.

Luke and Mater 2010

Basically, we are a bunch of Cars lovers around here. So the plans include a trip to the Car show and a Route 66 inspired dinner to eat while we watch the movie.



Movie of the Week: Wreck It Ralph

With the release of Wreck-It Ralph this week, our family has a few fun activities planned leading up to movie night.

We are all very excited to get this one on DVD. It became a fast family favorite, and has bonus sentimental value because it was Scarlett’s first movie theater experience.
Tom even started collecting the Sugar Rush racers. So, yeah, this movie night should be fun. Leading up to it, we will be visiting an arcade and a candy store, plus making my favorite classic arcade drink, slushies!

For Wreck-It Ralph week, remember:

“I am bad and that’s good, I will never be good and thats not bad, theres no one I would rather be than me.”


Winnie The Pooh Week & The Tigger Movie

As a mom, I’ve been neglectful in the Winnie the Pooh department.

Disney World 022

I don’t have any special affection for Pooh and Friends, and I tended to avoid the mountains of baby stuff with pastel Piglets and Tigger Stripes. But just before we went to Disney World, I realized these were some characters the kids need to know about. There’s a ride! There are characters to meet!

Luckily, Tom caught the Winnie the Pooh movie on TV and recorded it. We were able to watch it twice, so the kids knew who the heck they were looking at in that British Toy Store.

This week, I’ll recap some of the Pooh-themed fun we had at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as report on our Disney Movie Night featuring The Tigger Movie.

Long live Winnie the Pooh!