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Monsters University Movie Night Dinner

Even though we went out to the theater to see Monsters University, I still cooked up a Monsters U Themed dinner to go with it.


Most of the ideas for the food came from the Monsters University website’s dining section.

Monsters University Menu:
Gross Beef Sandwiches (Cheeseburgers)
Onion Things (Onion Rings)
Whole Grain Flies (Wild Rice)
Hot Sludge Sundaes
Oozma Kappa Ooze (Juice)


Scarlett said the juice was “Monsters Drink like Monsters Inc!” which I though was better than what I came up with.



I hung up the Monsters U Campus Map on the wall for a (crooked) backdrop, but it was promptly taken down and studied by the kids.

I have to say, it was one of the yummier Disney dinners we have had so far!

The Mike Eye bottle labels are available for download here. Enjoy!


Disney Family Movie Night: Oz The Great and Powerful

So, our week of activities turned out to be all about The Wizard of Oz. But we still had Oz the Great and Powerful to watch for movie night and a dinner menu to go with it.

  oz 001
(I used the lovely “You Are In Oz” printable found free from 36th Avenue here for the table.) 

 Our Oz The Great and Powerful Menu:
Oscar’s Carnival Corn Dogs
Evanora’s Bewitched Apples
China Town Chocolate (Pudding in  Scarlett’s tiny tea cups)
Glinda’s Pink Lemonade
Finley’s Frozen Bananas (Diana’s Banana Babies)

oz 009

oz 004

oz 008

There was a bit of a chocolate overload in this menu – oops! Luckily, the kids decided they just wanted regular bananas – Scarlett ate three! I figure with the bananas and the apples, it sort of cancels out the corn dogs. Right?


I love this movie. The kids got through about half before they decided they didn’t want to watch “grown up shows” anymore. I guess a little doll and a talking monkey aren’t kiddish enough for them? It’s probably best because they missed the scarier, witchier parts. I will watch it again and again, though.

My menu cards are available for download here. Enjoy!


Disney Family Movie Night: Toy Story 2

For our Toy Story 2 movie night dinner, I focused on Woody’s Round-Up Gang (plus Al dressed as a chicken).

  toystory 003

Our Toy Story 2 Menu:
Al’s Toy Barn Chicken
Stinky Pete’s Gold Corn Nuggets
Bullseye’s Carrots and Apples
Woody’s Cowboy Crunch (Reese’s Cereal)
Andy’s Cowboy Camp S’mores Pie (Chocolate pudding in graham cracker crust with marshmallows)
Jessie’s Rootin’-est Tootin’-est Root Beer

toystory 010

toystory 018

toystory 006

This dinner was a little more elaborate than usual, but it was easy to put together. And it tasted good, too!

The movie was one of our better viewings. Luke thought the scene where the toys have to cross the street under traffic cones was great, and was genuinely concerned that the pipe might run them over! Too funny.

I feel a little bad when I watch Toy Story 2 because I have an eBay toy store. As someone who shops yard sales to find toys to sell, I am essentially The Villain in this movie!! I have never and would never steal something from a yard sale, though, so that puts me one step above Al. And I haven’t sold anything to a museum yet, just to new kids who will love the toys. So maybe I’m a good guy in the end?


You can get my menu cards for this meal here and here. Enjoy!


Disney Movie of the Week: Toy Story 2

I know it’s kind of random to have a Toy Story 2 week without having a week for the original Toy Story first. But before we went to Disney, I did a little dinner for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins so the kids would understand Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  This time around, I thought a Woody-themed dinner would be fun, and I think Toy Story 2 is the best movie for a Woody theme.

But while I’m thinking about it, here’s our Buzz dinner:

Our Buzz Lightyear Menu:
“Pizza Planet” Pizza
Toy Story Fruit Snacks
“Comets”(Cheese Balls)
“Shooting Stars” (Carrots and Ranch)
“Alien Ice” (Lime Sherbert)
“Buzz’s Rocket Fuel” (Lime & Grape Gatorade)
I have some ideas that I think will be fun for TS2 that I will try out throughout the week!

Disney Family Movie Night Menu: Lilo & Stitch

Our “Hawaiian” dinner for Lilo & Stitch movie night wasn’t all that authentic, but it was tasty. And decorating with some cute luau party supplies made it fun, too.

ohana 002

Our Menu:
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza from Papa John’s
Pineapple Rings
Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies
Hawaiian Punch

The printable “Ohana means family” quote sign is available here.

lilo 009
After dinner, we watched the movie. Luke really enjoyed it – he actually pouted when it was over! Scarlett…well, she fell asleep. Oh well!


Beauty and the Beast Movie Night

For our Beauty and the Beast movie night dinner, I borrowed from the menus at the new Magic Kingdom restaurants Be Our Guest and Gaston’s Tavern.


I was going for French and kid-friendly at the same time – not easy! But these menus gave me good ideas – can’t really go wrong with ham and cheese with fries!

Our Menu:
Pommes Frites with Ketchup and Mayo
Chocolate Mousse

I also borrowed the Be Our Guest menu design for menu cards. Hope that’s okay with them…


Our LeFou’s Brew was just apple juice. Maybe next time we will be more adventurous.

bellebolt 012

The food went great with the movie. A great movie!


Henry Hugglemonster Breakfast Party

The kids were eagerly anticipating the Disney Junior premiere of Henry Hugglemonster. After weeks of commercials and asking “Is it on today?” we finally got to see the show and they loved it. We watched it so many times this week that the kids can already sing the whole theme song from memory and can tell you the names of all the monsters in Henry’s town. So for fun twist on breakfast, I put together a “roarsome” meal based on Henry Hugglemonster and his family.


Our Menu:
Mini Monster Pancakes
Stacks of Silver Dollar pancakes on a stick with monster faces drawn in icing

Summer’s Swirly Yogurt 
Trix yogurt in Cotton Candy and Strawberry Banana flavors
Blue & Yellow Fruit Salad 
Bananas and Blueberries to match Henry’s belly
Daddo’s Roar Juice
Apple Juice



You can print our Roarsome sign here and our menu card here.


Disney Movie Night: Bolt

The menu for our Bolt movie night featured waffles because of Waffle World, the restaurant that provided the map for the epic adventure in the film.

Bolt Movie Night Menu: 
Waffle World’s Fried Chicken and Waffles 
Mr. Carrot’s Carrot and Dip 
Bolt’s Super Puppy Chow


If you haven’t tried the chicken and waffle combo, you should. Mmm-mmm.


I highly recommend the puppy chow. Addictive!


I forgot to put drinks on the menu. But I added “Mittens’ Milk” and “Penny’s Pop” to the table after the fact.

bellebolt 018
We enjoyed the movie, of course. It’s a sweet little film with a nice message. Oh, and explosions!
You can download the sign with a Bolt quote (my fave from the movie) here and the Waffle World menu card here.

Disney Cars Movie Night

After the car show, it was time for movie night!
carshow 006
I printed out some “movie tickets” from Momma’s Playground. And to set the mood for Cars, I made a dinner inspired by Route 66 road food.
carshow 065
Our pretend Flo’s V8 Cafe menu consisted of:
Corn Dogs – Inspired by the Cozy Dog Drive -In
Popcorn in Cozy Cones – Inspired by the Cozy Cone Motel and The Purple Patch
Root Beer 66 – Inspired by Route 66 Sodas
Cherry Pie – Inspired by The Midpoint Cafe

carshow 060

It was an easy and kid-friendly dinner (except Luke doesn’t like bubbly drinks so he had juice.)

carshow 067

carshow 072

And of course, we watched Cars. Still love that movie!!

carshow 082 There are a few more activities to come for Cars week. Stay tuned!