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Theme Dinner : Frozen

I’ve been meaning to do a Frozen themed dinner for a few months, now. Finally, I got around to it on Sunday.



I sort of combined somethings from the movie that the characters liked to eat and some items that were inspired by the movie in general.

Our “Frozen” Menu: 
Sven’s Carrots with Hummus
Coronation Chocolates
Snowball Cupcakes
Frozen Fjord


Sandwiches were in honor of Hans and Anna’s song. I made Peanut Butter and Fluff since the white marshmallow was kind of snowy.



The blue cupcakes with white frosting were a yummy dessert and ice cold blue Gatorade worked well for a themed drink. The leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates were fun, too. I think both Anna and Elsa would’ve enjoyed them!



Movie Night: Alice in Wonderland

It was a little bit difficult to come up with food for our Alice in Wonderland dinner. After a lot of brainstorming, I think it came out okay. Even if it wasn’t perfectly themed, it went well together, and tasted good too!

up 111
Our “Alice in Wonderland” Menu: 
Alice’s Shrinking Burgers (Sliders) 
Cheshire Cat’s Smiling Fries
Caterpillar’s Stuffed Mushrooms
Queen of Hearts Strawberry Tarts
Drink Me Punch

up 116

up 113

up 112

It was an easy meal, and the kids were excited to watch the movie afterwards. I call that a success.


Disney Movie Night Menu: Up

Our “Up” movie night dinner was fun from the start, because of course we got to get a bunch of balloons! It was also fairly easy to come up with ideas, because – bonus! – there is actually a lot of food in the movie.

  up 012
Our “Up” Movie Night Menu:
Dug’s Hot Dogs
Carl’s Prunes (I actually used plums)
Kevin’s Chocolate
Russell’s Ice Cream (from Fenton’s)
Ellie’s Grape Soda


Disney UP movie night dinner


up 007
up 006


After we ate, Scarlett spent about an hour playing with the balloons.

up 014


up 054


Tom also looked up how many balloons it would take to lift a person. Turns out a dozen isn’t enough! We had fun anyway, even without floating away.


A Neverland Breakfast Party

Sunday was a big day for television in our house.

Of course it was the series finale of Breaking Bad. But there were some family-friendlier viewing events happening as well.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Neverland Rescue premiered on the Disney Channel, while on ABC, the Season 3 of Once Upon A Time began with the characters journeying to Neverland. In honor of these premieres,  I put together a Neverland themed breakfast to start of our day right!

Our Neverland Breakfast Menu
  • Peter Pan Cakes
  • Captain Hook’s Bacon
  • Jake’s Dubloons (orange slices)
  • Pixie Dusted Fairy Donuts (Decorated Cheerios)
  • Tick Tock Crocktails (Apple Juice tinted green)




It was fun to have Peter Pan, Jake and the Disney Fairies all together in one meal!

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Breaking Bad Finale Dinner

Breaking Bad is neither Disney nor Kid-Friendly, but I like the show and I like this dinner I created for it so I wanted to post it somewhere. Please skip this post if you may be offended by the content of things related to Breaking Bad.

Both Tom and I found Breaking Bad to be one of the best shows on television, so for the Series Finale, I put together a themed dinner based on the show. With a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, the meal came out pretty fun and pretty delicious!


Breaking Bad Finale Menu


I spelled “Skyler” wrong, but the green beans were good

The green beans were Tom’s idea, which I thought was great because it added something healthy to the meal, plus it commemorates one of the best scenes from the show.

Regarding the finale, I thought it was a great ending. I’m so glad Tom made me watch the show!

Goodbye, Breaking Bad. You will be missed!


“We’re Going to Disney World” Theme Dinner

We’re going to Disney World!

We decided on another trip to WDW this year to take advantage of the free dining promotion offered for the fall and attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.

We had a special Disney World Themed Dinner before we left. I tried to base all the food on Magic Kingdom attractions.

disney 019disney world dinner
Disney World Theme Dinner Menu
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Jerk Chicken
  • Space Mountain Pasta Stars
  • Pete’s Silly Side Salad
  • Splash Mountain Gushers
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Cookies
  • Mad “Sweet Tea” Party

disney 009

disney 010

petes silly side salad

splash mountain gushers

mnsshp cookies

A tasty way to kick off our trip!


Disney Movie Night Menu: Planes

Since we saw Planes early, we didn’t get to have our movie night dinner until afterwards. That was helpful, though, since it gave me more of an idea of what to serve.

planes 056
Our Menu:
Chicken Wings
Dusty’s Crops (Veggies)
Chug’s Corn Muffins
El Chupacabra’s Churros
Dotty’s Jet Fuel (Iced Tea)

planes 057

planes 059

planes 061

planes 060

I made the churros myself using this recipe from The Food Network. I was not sure if this was a good idea since I’ve never even eaten a churro, nevermind cooked one. But they actually came out pretty good! Tasted yummy and everything. The kids liked them and then liked dipping their carrots in the chocolate sauce. That’s one way to get them to eat their vegetables!


Scarlett’s Pink Princess Sleeping Beauty Birthday Dinner

Scarlett had requested a “Pink Princess Sleeping Beauty” party for her birthday this year. For her first two birthday we were visiting family so we had big parties. This year we traveled in June instead of July so we were home for her third birthday. This meant no big party. But we could put together a nice little Pink Princess dinner.

  scarlettbday 035

It was a simple and little-kid-friendly menu:

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches 
Popcorn and Pretzels 
Pink Marshmallows 
Bubble Gum 
Pink Lemonade 
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Hot Pink Frosting.

Scarlett pinked out a few princess things at the party store, like pink plates and napkins.

scarlettbday 056

And we couldn’t forget the party blowers! 


My favorite part was the Rocker Girl Mini Tiaras I found at Party City. Adorable cupcake toppers!

scarlettbday 037 
The Birthday Princess was pleased.

scarlettbday 023

I put her presents together in a Sleeping Beauty theme with “The Gift of Beauty,” “The Gift of Song,” and “The Gift of Love.”
  scarlettbday 051

(She got an Izzy Pirate Costume, a Cinderella piano, and some dolls so it sort of corresponded). Please forgive the Christmas wrapping paper – it was Disney Princess paper, just not pink!

She especially loved her Pink Princess Sleeping Beauty doll!

scarlettbday 081

After presents, Scarlett did a quick change into the Izzy costume to blow our her candles.

scarlettbday 096

Can’t believe she’s the big 3!


Disney Movie Night Menu: Teen Beach Movie

I wasn’t sure about the kids, but I was sure excited for Teen Beach Movie. I am a total geek like that. I found the movie fun and silly and especially good for summer viewing. Scarlett liked the songs and Luke liked the storms. Even Tom liked that Barry Bostwick was in it!

 For our Teen Beach Movie dinner, I did a “Bikers vs. Surfers” motif.

  scarlettbday 013

Our “Teen Beach Movie” Menu: 
Hot Dogs 
Surfer Snacks
Wavy Potato Chips 
Beach Balls (Cantalope Balls) 
Biker Bites
Spare Tires (Chocolate Donuts) 
Bubble Gum 
Cherry Pop (Kool-Aid)
scarlettbday 017

scarlettbday 015

I thought about serving Fish Burgers, since that is a specialty at Big Momma’s in the movie – but no one in my house would’ve eaten that. Instead,  we went with hot dogs, a nice beach food. Also, this whole meal was super easy.

The Disney Channel has some more ideas in their Teen Beach Movie Party Kit.

Luke is now obsessed with bubble gum. I call that a successful dinner!

I am not affiliated with Disney or the Disney Channel. I am just a really fun person who likes movies!


Disney Movie Night Dinner: Tangled

Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies so I was excited to make up a dinner menu for it.

  scarlettbday 002

Our Tangled Menu:
Apples for Maximus
Snuggly Duckling Ale (Iced Tea)
Tower Cupcakes (An easier version of these adorable ones)

  scarlettbday 007
scarlettbday 006

This was a great dinner because I love cornbread. Any excuse to eat it is good!

scarlettbday 005

I made the cupcakes with White Chocolate Raspberry frosting and yellow Twizzlers for Rapunzel’s hair.

scarlettbday 010

I added glow sticks to the paper lanterns to try to make them glow. It sorta worked!