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Monsters University Movie Night Dinner

Even though we went out to the theater to see Monsters University, I still cooked up a Monsters U Themed dinner to go with it.


Most of the ideas for the food came from the Monsters University website’s dining section.

Monsters University Menu:
Gross Beef Sandwiches (Cheeseburgers)
Onion Things (Onion Rings)
Whole Grain Flies (Wild Rice)
Hot Sludge Sundaes
Oozma Kappa Ooze (Juice)


Scarlett said the juice was “Monsters Drink like Monsters Inc!” which I though was better than what I came up with.



I hung up the Monsters U Campus Map on the wall for a (crooked) backdrop, but it was promptly taken down and studied by the kids.

I have to say, it was one of the yummier Disney dinners we have had so far!

The Mike Eye bottle labels are available for download here. Enjoy!


Family Game Night: Monsters Inc Scream Arena

When I bought our Nintendo Gamecube from a kid’s consignment sale, it came with a few games, including Monsters Inc. Scream Arena. It turned out to be a pretty fun game and a good fit for a game night during Monsters University week.


Tom and Luke were a team in the Scream Arena, competing against other monsters in timed tasks.


Of course, they were Mike and Sulley.


Tom explained how to play, and they made a great team!


Luke didn’t start of great (that’s him flying across the room as Mike), but he got better fast. And they had a great time playing.






At The Movies: Monsters University

It was exciting to take the kids to the movie theater to see Monsters University. Scarlett had only been once to see Wreck-It Ralph, so it’s a big deal when she gets to go to the theater. Luke has seen four movies in the theater, so he is a pro. Still, it’s something fun and different for him, too.


The AMC Hoffman Center had some fun stuff set up to advertise upcoming films, so we entertained ourselves before the show.

Whack A Minion – Despicable Me 2
Turbo Ride

I had a free ticket to the movie from Kelloggs, and Scarlett is 2 so she was free. Since we saved a bunch on tickets, we sprung for snacks to enjoy while we watched.


Scarlett brought Princess Aurora as her special guest.


The kids were well-behaved from the beginning. The both really liked the Pixar short The Blue Umbrella that played before the movie. As for Monsters University, neither kid was scared of the monsters, as they had been worried about. Scarlett developed quite an affection for “Michael” as she calls Mike Wazowski. Both Luke and Scarlett were pretty into the movie, and we only had to shush them a few times. Tom and I both thought the film was great as well.

All in all is was a successful trip to the movies!


Monsters University Activity: Visiting Harvard

Visiting Massachusetts during our Monsters University week was great since it was easy to visit about a billion colleges. We chose the big one: Harvard!

fathersday&mass 223

We had planned to go to Harvard Square on our next trip up because they have a Curious George store there. Luke loves George! We stopped in to read and play before our college visit.
fathersday&mass 187
He really was excited to see the doorman – even though he looks pretty grumpy.
fathersday&mass 175

fathersday&mass 182

It was a fun little store, although on the expensive side. We left with a promise to pick up some George souvenirs at the next yard sale that has some :).

After a nice lunch of pizza and yogurt parfaits, we crossed the intersection to Harvard Yard.

  fathersday&mass 220

We checked out the dorms and libraries as well as enjoyed the chairs set up in shady spots on the hot summer day.

  fathersday&mass 198

fathersday&mass 192
fathersday&mass 195

fathersday&mass 211

Well…some of us enjoyed it. Some of us wanted to go home.

fathersday&mass 189

Before we left, we popped into The Coop to check at books and sweatshirts. And a bear that rows crew…

fathersday&mass 222

It was a nice, if tiring, afternoon out.


Monsters University: Scare School at the Disney Store

While we were visiting my family in Massachusetts, we found out that the local Disney Store was holding a special Monsters University event: Scare School!

The website site said: “Children age 3+ are invited to attend the School of Scaring and learn the fine art of scaring during a Scare Approaches 101 class. Before class, students will attend a Scream Orientation, listen to a special message from the Dean of the School of Scaring Abigail Hardscrabble, and receive a Monsters University identification card. Plus, each student who attends will also receive an official Monsters University gift.”

Sounded fun, so we headed to the mall and were there for the 10:30 class.

fathersday&mass 097

At the back of the store, a countdown to the class was on the movie screen.

fathersday&mass 090

When it was time to begin, a cast member came back to lead the class. She did some Monsters U jokes and trivia to warm us up.

fathersday&mass 092

Scarlett was into it. Luke was a bit unsure (he is suspicious of monsters.) They sat on the floor with the other eager kids.

fathersday&mass 093
Before learning to scare, the kids got ID cards. They picked a monster photo and name.
  fathersday&mass 094
Predictably, Scarlett picked a pink monster and Luke picked a green one. They were supposed to use their first name and the first letter of their last name to make a monster name. Neither kid could figure out how to do that, so Tom and I named them” Luke AHHHH! and Scar Achnid.
    fathersday&mass 095

Once the video started, Luke decided to become a Scare School drop out. Instead he went to the LEGO store, and got himself some Jake and The Neverland Pirates Duplo blocks.

  fathersday&mass 102

Scarlett and I stayed behind to learn Scary Feet, roaring and even the “Aunt Phyllis”. She earned her very own Monsters University penant!


She also walked away with a Sleeping Beauty bean bag doll so it was a good time all around.


Movie of the Week: Monsters University

I’m SO EXCITED that Monsters University is finally out in theaters!

Monsters Inc is one of my favorite movies and I can’t wait to see a whole new film starring Mike and Sulley!


We are traveling up to Massachusetts for my mom’s retirement party this week, so I am planning a few Monsters U activities up there. Along with lots of swimming in the pool and visiting relatives of course! Hopefully we can make it to the movies and enjoy a monster-themed dinner as well. Yay!