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Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Merida

Scarlett was very excited to meet Merida from Brave on our last day at Disney World. I have to admit, as a fan of Brave, I was too!


Tom and Luke went to do some “boy” things like ride Thunder Mountain (again), while I took Scarlett to meet a few more princesses. We arrived at Fairytale Garden just in time – we were the last ones they let in through the big wooden doors before cutting off the line and shut the doors behind us. I was nervous with a two-year-old and a long wait ahead of us, but there was a lot to do at this meet and greet and Scarlett enjoyed herself coloring a picture of Merida and her horse while we waited. They had tons of pencils but she preferred my pink Sharpie.
  Disney World 014

There was an area set up to learn a little archery, but Scarlett was intimidated. We were the last ones to see Merida before her break, so Scarlett even got a little extra attention from the lady running the archery activity. She preferred coloring and looking at the decorations, though.
  Disney World 016

When our turn came, Merida greeted us and Scarlett followed her to get an autograph and a picture. Merida was very friendly and pretty.


When I brushed a piece of hair out of Scarlett’s face, Merida joked that she had the same problem with her crazy curls!
  Disney World 018

This was definitely one of the best character meetings we had, with all the activities and fun atmosphere. We were very lucky we were let inside when we were, because I don’t think an extra 30 minute wait would have been too fun for Scarlett. 44234980171 I am so glad we got to do this meet & greet. I think it’s one of the best character photos we got!