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Disney Family Movie Night Menu: Lilo & Stitch

Our “Hawaiian” dinner for Lilo & Stitch movie night wasn’t all that authentic, but it was tasty. And decorating with some cute luau party supplies made it fun, too.

ohana 002

Our Menu:
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza from Papa John’s
Pineapple Rings
Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies
Hawaiian Punch

The printable “Ohana means family” quote sign is available here.

lilo 009
After dinner, we watched the movie. Luke really enjoyed it – he actually pouted when it was over! Scarlett…well, she fell asleep. Oh well!


Lilo & Stitch Pretend Play: Surf Shop

For Lilo & Stitch week, we turned the kid’s toy market into a surf shop. We decorated with some leis, coconut and pineapple cup, and some signs. Scarlett put on her rash guard and bathing suit bottoms to get the full effect.

 ohana 013

(Luke didn’t want to wear a bathing suit, but instead wanted to pretend his underwear was a suit – so that’s why he’s not in the pictures.)

ohana 010

The kids spent about a minute pretending to discuss surfing then kept buying the pineapple from each other. They also put lots of little toys in the coconut and kept yelling “Surprise!” when they opened it. Super fun times.
Get some printables of the Surf Shop sign and Rental Rates sign for your own pretend surf shop.
Have fun and hang ten!

Disney Sensory Bin: Surfing with Lilo & Stitch

I found a bag of Lilo & Stitch McDonald’s toys at the thrift store which we ended up working nicely in our space/surfing Sensory Bin.


I added the toys to some silver pebbles I found on clearance in the wedding section at Michael’s. They looked sort of outer-spacey and cool, although they did turn our figures gray.

The characters wiggle at the waist, so Scarlett enjoyed putting them on the surfboard and making them dance.

She also liked scooping the pebbles.

This was a fun, if messy, bin!