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Father’s Day Tribute to Disney Dads Dinner

After our day at the Sprayground, we returned home for a nice Father’s Day dinner. Since we are having a Disney-centric year around here, I decided to give Tom a Disney Dads themed dinner. Turns out that if you combine the fathers of Ariel, Belle and Jasmine, you get a nice Italian meal!


The Menu:
King Triton’s Sea Shells (Pasta Shells)
Sultan’s Salad
Maurice’s Baguette
Mufasa’s Jungle Cakes (Little Debbie Zebra Cakes)
Marlin’s Ocean Water

fathersday&mass 014

fathersday&mass 015

Tom enjoyed the dinner in his honor as well as some gifts from the kids.

fathersday&mass 001

We wrapped up Father’s Day by watching Finding Nemo – a great Disney Dad movie.

What a nice day to celebrate our favorite Daddy!


Love & Star Wars on Valentine’s Day

My husband is a Star Wars nerd. I love that about him. Since it’s difficult for us to get out for dates with 2 little kids, for Valentine’s Day last week, I set up a little Star Wars dinner and movie night.


For dinner, I made:
Star Wars Sliders (burgers shaped like Darth Vader and R2-D2)
Jedi’s Fries
Midi-Chlorian Mix (Mixed Vegetables)
Blue Milk
Wookiee Cookies (Just Chocolate Chip)
Carbonite (Star Wars Figures stuck in Jell-o)

After dinner, we had some photo ops with the masks.





 We topped it all off with a viewing of “A New Hope.” It was the kids’ first time seeing it. They enjoyed it – Luke especially. Considering he’s named after Luke Skywalker, I’m glad!

  new hope

It was a fun  and tasty Star Wars love fest, and my Valentine had a great night.