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Henry Hugglemonster Breakfast Party

The kids were eagerly anticipating the Disney Junior premiere of Henry Hugglemonster. After weeks of commercials and asking “Is it on today?” we finally got to see the show and they loved it. We watched it so many times this week that the kids can already sing the whole theme song from memory and can tell you the names of all the monsters in Henry’s town. So for fun twist on breakfast, I put together a “roarsome” meal based on Henry Hugglemonster and his family.


Our Menu:
Mini Monster Pancakes
Stacks of Silver Dollar pancakes on a stick with monster faces drawn in icing

Summer’s Swirly Yogurt 
Trix yogurt in Cotton Candy and Strawberry Banana flavors
Blue & Yellow Fruit Salad 
Bananas and Blueberries to match Henry’s belly
Daddo’s Roar Juice
Apple Juice



You can print our Roarsome sign here and our menu card here.