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Theme Dinner : Frozen

I’ve been meaning to do a Frozen themed dinner for a few months, now. Finally, I got around to it on Sunday.



I sort of combined somethings from the movie that the characters liked to eat and some items that were inspired by the movie in general.

Our “Frozen” Menu: 
Sven’s Carrots with Hummus
Coronation Chocolates
Snowball Cupcakes
Frozen Fjord


Sandwiches were in honor of Hans and Anna’s song. I made Peanut Butter and Fluff since the white marshmallow was kind of snowy.



The blue cupcakes with white frosting were a yummy dessert and ice cold blue Gatorade worked well for a themed drink. The leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates were fun, too. I think both Anna and Elsa would’ve enjoyed them!


Disney Sensory Bin: Frozen

Scarlett got  a Disney Frozen My Busy Book for Christmas. It came with a bunch of small characters that were good for a Frozen themed sensory bin.


I used salt to make a snow-looking base, and added some snowflake charms. I think it looked very pretty!




Scarlett has been obsessed with Frozen for months, so she enjoyed this. She mostly buried the characters in the salt. I forgot to take pictures, but she had a good time.

‘Frozen’ Fever

On Thanksgiving, we went to see Frozen, the new animated Disney movie. I was surprised at how great the Broadway-style music was, and enjoyed all the cute characters from new Disney Princesses to a talking , Summer-loving snowman.


And now, Scarlett is obsessed. She was singing along with the songs the first time she heard them. She cannot get enough. We went back to the theater two more times this weekend. And of course, we got some Anna and Elsa dolls to join us.


I ended up buying the soundtrack and we’ve been listening to it non-stop. Do you want to build a snowman? Why, yes! Yes, we do.