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Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Snow White in Germany

Scarlett was delighted to meet Snow White on our visit to Epcot.


This was a popular meet & greet, and we got in a long-ish line before she came out for photos. The line moved quickly, though and Scarlett got to see Snow White the whole time we waited. Again, Luke wasn’t interested in meeting princesses, so Scarlett got a picture solo.


We had been singing along to Heigh-Ho over and over in the car this trip, so it was nice to put a face with the song!


Lunch at Epcot: Katsura Grill in the Japanese Pavillion

It was a little difficult to find someplace in the Epcot World Showcase where I thought the kids might actually eat something. With a kid’s meal of Teriyaki Chicken and Rice, Katsura Grill in Japan seemed like a good place.

I got a combo of Teriyaki Beef and Chicken with rice. Tom got Sushi. We both got green tea cheesecake for dessert. Pretty good for a Quick Service Dining Plan!

Disney World 545
Actually, it was too much food. I left about half of my meal uneaten – we probably could have shared one and been fine. It was good though!
The kid’s meal even came with a cookie. Woohoo!

Disney Food: Snacks at Epcot’s Kringla Bakeri og Cafe

I love food. When I travel, one of the first thing I research and plan is where to eat. In reading about all the great Disney food, I discovered great reviews of the snacks at Kringla Bakeri og Cafe in the Norwegian Pavillion.

By the time the World Showcase opened at 11AM, I was hungry! It was a good time for a snack. To Norway!

  Disney World 495
I had heard raves about the School Bread, which I ordered and happily devoured. It was like a dinner roll mixed with a donut. And I liked it.

The kids got a big cinnamon roll to split.

Disney World 496

Tom got this awesome Viking Chocolate Mousse. I had a bite – it was super rich. He almost couldn’t finish, so the rest of helped. Mmm, tasty.

The kids didn’t want to sit for too long, and started feeding bits of cinnamon roll to the birds, so we finished up to enjoy more of our trip around Epcot’s world.


Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Tigger and Pooh in Britain

When we arrived at the United Kingdom Pavillion at Epcot, we went straight for The Toy Soldier store for the Pooh & Friends character meeting.

The store was kind of neat with lots of Beatles stuff. Tom asked if they had anything that said both Beatles and Disney, but they didn’t. Maybe on a future trip?

Christopher Robin’s bedroom is in the back of the store and that’s where the meet & greet took place. The line was very short, yay!

  Disney World 548
The kids found the giant Pooh and Tigger a little intimating. Luke opted out, and Scarlett would only go with her daddy.

  Disney World 554

Picture turned out cute anyway!


Epcot World Showcase: Donald Duck in Mexico

After meeting Mulan in China, we made our way back to Epcot’s Mexican Pavillion for a Donald Duck extravaganza.

Mexican Donald had almost no line, and Luke was willing to meet him. Yay! Scarlett was not into Donald at this meet and greet, so it was just Luke and Dad. For some reason, this is the only photo we ended up with.

  Disney World 494
So festive! 
Next, we hopped on a boat at the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. Luke was a little nervous about the volcano in the distance of this ride, but ultimately had a fun time seeing all the scenes of Mexico and Donald Duck showing up all over the place.

Disney World 491
Welcome to Mexico
   Disney World 492
Donald Duck Pinata

Disney World 493

Adios Amigos!
I definitely think the kids liked this ride more because they knew Donald from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I thought it was a fun little trip with really nice videos and some good educational stuff for when the kids get a little older.

Next up: Norway!


Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Mulan in China

Our first character meeting at Epcot was with Mulan.

Disney World 497

The kids were not super thrilled with the World Showcase at first, so I bribed them with candy. I found some Cars themed candy that was like Pixy stix at Dollar Tree and gave the kids each one to get them to stand in line. So they are sucking on candy sticks in the photo.

I think it was worth is to get a picture with all four of us in it – with nobody crying!

Disney World 501

The kids remembered watching the movie Mulan and liked it, so they were excited. Mulan was really sweet to Scarlett and gave her a nice hug. Even Luke talked to her, so I’d call it a good greeting.