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Visiting Downtown Disney

Our second day in Orlando was a day to relax. We slept late, and spent the morning at the pool. Then, armed with a list of free activities from Disney’s Cheapskate Princess, we made our way over to Downtown Disney for a fun afternoon of window shopping and playing. A quick downpour as we parked gave way to a gorgeous hot & sunny day.

First stop: the Magical Fountain splash pad!





Luke and Scarlett had an absolute blast. They ran through the water for a good 30 minutes while Tom and I enjoyed lunch. Luckily, I was prepared with extra dry clothes so they didn’t have to walk around soaked for the rest of the day.

Speaking of lunch, we ate at Earl of Sandwich. Sandwiches were $5.99 each, plus I had a $1 off coupon from Recyclebank. It was a very affordable Disney meal.


I had the Holiday Turkey Sandwich. With Turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberries, it was absolutely delicious/ Mmm. I wish I had one right now!


After lunch was play time! First up was Once Upon A Toy. Luke and Tom went off to play with lightsabers and build Droids while Scarlett and I made Princess Potato Heads.



They didn’t have any noses, but there were lots of other cool Disney parts so it was all good.

After a quick look around Pin Traders, Luke couldn’t take it anymore and HAD to go to the LEGO store. He loved all the LEGO sculptures outside the store, but his favorite was the Dwarf Miners. It reminded him of his favorite thing ever, Minecraft.


He was pretty happy with the inside of the store, too.



We browsed and posed inside, then went outside to build. Scarlett chose Duplo blocks while Luke worked with LEGO bricks.



By this time, we were pretty hot and tired. We decided to leave, but not before watching some bowling through the window at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. So cool!


There’s so much to do at Downtown Disney that we hardly got to any of them in just a few hours. We will be back for more someday soon, that’s for sure!