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Epcot World Showcase: Donald Duck in Mexico

After meeting Mulan in China, we made our way back to Epcot’s Mexican Pavillion for a Donald Duck extravaganza.

Mexican Donald had almost no line, and Luke was willing to meet him. Yay! Scarlett was not into Donald at this meet and greet, so it was just Luke and Dad. For some reason, this is the only photo we ended up with.

  Disney World 494
So festive! 
Next, we hopped on a boat at the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. Luke was a little nervous about the volcano in the distance of this ride, but ultimately had a fun time seeing all the scenes of Mexico and Donald Duck showing up all over the place.

Disney World 491
Welcome to Mexico
   Disney World 492
Donald Duck Pinata

Disney World 493

Adios Amigos!
I definitely think the kids liked this ride more because they knew Donald from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I thought it was a fun little trip with really nice videos and some good educational stuff for when the kids get a little older.

Next up: Norway!