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Disney Family Movie Night Menu: Lilo & Stitch

Our “Hawaiian” dinner for Lilo & Stitch movie night wasn’t all that authentic, but it was tasty. And decorating with some cute luau party supplies made it fun, too.

ohana 002

Our Menu:
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza from Papa John’s
Pineapple Rings
Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies
Hawaiian Punch

The printable “Ohana means family” quote sign is available here.

lilo 009
After dinner, we watched the movie. Luke really enjoyed it – he actually pouted when it was over! Scarlett…well, she fell asleep. Oh well!


Beauty and the Beast Movie Night

For our Beauty and the Beast movie night dinner, I borrowed from the menus at the new Magic Kingdom restaurants Be Our Guest and Gaston’s Tavern.


I was going for French and kid-friendly at the same time – not easy! But these menus gave me good ideas – can’t really go wrong with ham and cheese with fries!

Our Menu:
Pommes Frites with Ketchup and Mayo
Chocolate Mousse

I also borrowed the Be Our Guest menu design for menu cards. Hope that’s okay with them…


Our LeFou’s Brew was just apple juice. Maybe next time we will be more adventurous.

bellebolt 012

The food went great with the movie. A great movie!


Disney Movie Night: Bolt

The menu for our Bolt movie night featured waffles because of Waffle World, the restaurant that provided the map for the epic adventure in the film.

Bolt Movie Night Menu: 
Waffle World’s Fried Chicken and Waffles 
Mr. Carrot’s Carrot and Dip 
Bolt’s Super Puppy Chow


If you haven’t tried the chicken and waffle combo, you should. Mmm-mmm.


I highly recommend the puppy chow. Addictive!


I forgot to put drinks on the menu. But I added “Mittens’ Milk” and “Penny’s Pop” to the table after the fact.

bellebolt 018
We enjoyed the movie, of course. It’s a sweet little film with a nice message. Oh, and explosions!
You can download the sign with a Bolt quote (my fave from the movie) here and the Waffle World menu card here.

Disney Movie of the Week: Bolt

This week, our movie is Luke’s favorite, Bolt!

The kids loves dogs, and trains, which puts this film at the top of our Disney list. Throw in the maps and the action sequences, and Luke is hooked!
Sonny & Lassie
Our Dog, Sonny, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

I’m not sure why this movie isn’t very popular. Someone else out there must like it, too, right? Just in case, I’ll be posting a few activities and a movie night dinner. Bolt Fans Unite!


Disney Sensory Bins Week!

Since Tom goes to bed earlier than the kids sometimes, I’ve been trying to have some quiet activities available for these nights. One of the kids’ favorites is Sensory Bins.

I’ve posted a few Disney-Themed bins before:

This week I will be featuring some more inspired by Disney.
  sense copy
Upcoming themes are:
Come back during the week to check them out!

Movie of the Week: Cars

With a car show coming up, we decided it would be a good time for a Cars movie night. Tom and I are huge Cars fans. It even inspired us to take a cross country road trip along Route 66 in 2006.

Beetle Ranch
Sonny and Me at Beetle Ranch in Conway, TX (2006)
Luke was also pretty obsessed with Cars as a toddler – he slept with Luigi and Guido every night for a while.

Luke and Mater 2010

Basically, we are a bunch of Cars lovers around here. So the plans include a trip to the Car show and a Route 66 inspired dinner to eat while we watch the movie.



Movie of the Week: Wreck It Ralph

With the release of Wreck-It Ralph this week, our family has a few fun activities planned leading up to movie night.

We are all very excited to get this one on DVD. It became a fast family favorite, and has bonus sentimental value because it was Scarlett’s first movie theater experience.
Tom even started collecting the Sugar Rush racers. So, yeah, this movie night should be fun. Leading up to it, we will be visiting an arcade and a candy store, plus making my favorite classic arcade drink, slushies!

For Wreck-It Ralph week, remember:

“I am bad and that’s good, I will never be good and thats not bad, theres no one I would rather be than me.”