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Visiting Princess Fairytale Hall

I’m going a little out of order in posting about our latest Disney trip because some things I just can’t want to talk about. The first is Princess Fairytale Hall.

Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom
Looking Beatiful  and Enticing A Few Days before Opening

I was SO excited to hear that Princess Fairytale Hall would be opening during our vacation. On our last day, we got to Magic Kingdom right at rope drop and Scarlett & I made a mad dash for Fantasyland.

Cinderella was meeting with Sleeping Beauty, Scarlett’s favorite, so we decided to see them. Bonus: there was no wait for Cinderella’s side while Rapunzel and Snow White had a much longer line already. It stayed that way throughout the day, with Rapunzel’s line getting up to 85 minutes at noon!

Princess Fairytale Hall Entryway
Enterting Princess Fairytale Hall
Princess portraits line the walls outside the meeting rooms.

Princess Jasmine Portrait at Fairytale Hall
Princess Aurora Portrait at Fairytale Hall

Snow White and Mulan Portraits at Princess Fairytale Hall
Princess Rapunzel and Tiana Portraits at Fairytale Hall

Cinderella’s glass slipper sparkled at the entrance to her room.

disneylast 009

There were more pretty paintings and regal wallpaper decorating the meeting room.

disneylast 029

When we entered, Princess Aurora posed for us.

<disneylast 012

Before we met, Aurora, though, we got to meet Cinderella.

Scarlett meets Cinderella

Both Princesses were great and spent a lot of time talking with their visitors.


It’s so sweet to see my little girl hug the princesses!


While we waited to meet Aurora, we checked out the decor.

disneylast 031

Scarlett especially liked the elegant Snow White book. She wanted me to read it, but it’s written in German!

disneylast 024

Finally, it was time to meet our favorite, Sleeping Beauty!


Because Scarlett was dressed as Tinker Bell, Aurora talked all about her fairies, Flora, Fauna & Merryweather. Scarlett paid very close attention, then told Aurora everything she knew about pixie dust.


disneylast 034

Too cute!


Meeting the Princesses was a great way to start a day at Magic Kingdom. They do have one Fastpass machine each for Cinderella and for Rapunzel right next to the Peter Pan’s Flight Fastpass machines. We thought about getting one because Scarlett wanted to meet Snow White also, but she ended up forgetting about it and we ran out of time. Still, it was fun to meet the royal ladies we met. Princess Fairytall Hall is a hit!


“We’re Going to Disney World” Theme Dinner

We’re going to Disney World!

We decided on another trip to WDW this year to take advantage of the free dining promotion offered for the fall and attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.

We had a special Disney World Themed Dinner before we left. I tried to base all the food on Magic Kingdom attractions.

disney 019disney world dinner
Disney World Theme Dinner Menu
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Jerk Chicken
  • Space Mountain Pasta Stars
  • Pete’s Silly Side Salad
  • Splash Mountain Gushers
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Cookies
  • Mad “Sweet Tea” Party

disney 009

disney 010

petes silly side salad

splash mountain gushers

mnsshp cookies

A tasty way to kick off our trip!


Disney World Resort Hop #9: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Our final stop before leaving Orlando was Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.


The beach path from the Polynesian brought us to the Grand Floridian pool area .

There goes the Monorail!

Again, we were too early to see it in action but the Alice in Wonderland themed water play area was so cute!

The huge lobby was our next stop – beautiful, ornate, and golden.





The outside was just as luxurious.



Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t imagine staying here with little kids, although I’m sure it’s as family friendly as all places at Disney (they do have those little chairs!). If we did stay here, I think we’d be playing in the water most of the time anyway. So, what the heck, let’s add it to the list of future places to stay!


It was starting to get hot, so instead of walking back to our car, we decided to hop on the monorail. The kids were delighted!


We swung by the Magic Kingdom and said “hi!”



Then we hopped off the monorail and our trip was done.


Even though we didn’t go to any of the Disney Parks, we had a pretty great Disney vacation!


Disney World Resort Hop #8: Polynesian Resort

The last day of our trip to Orlando the my wedding anniversary! Tom and I got married on 07/07/07 – six years of wedded bliss.

And what better way to celebrate years of love than breakfast at the Polynesian?

  Disney Polynesian Resort
We got up early to squeeze in a little more fun before we headed home. The tropical feel of the Polynesian was gorgeous.
  Luke in the lobby of Disney's Polynesian Resort

After admiring the lobby, we headed over to Captain Cook’s for a nice meal.

Captain Cooks

The kids got Mickey Waffles while Tom and I tried the legendary Tonga Toast.

Tonga Toast

The banana-stuffed french toast was huge and filling. A great breakfast, although my mouth tasted like bananas for the rest of the day.

Banana Stuffed Tonga Toast

The kids were restless so breakfast was short. We ventured outside to check out the pool and the beach.

Pool at the  Polynesian Resort

The volcano pool was awesome! Luke, our lava-lover,  was impressed.

The splash pad wasn’t on yet, but it looked pretty neat, too.

Splash Pad at Polynesian Resort

The beach was lovely. The sand was being smoothed and we were the first to put down new footprints.

Beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort

This would be a great place to spend a vacation day – who even needs theme parks?

  Beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort

It was so pretty we decided to walk the path over to the Grand Floridian
Scarlett at Disney's Polynesian Resort

We passed this guy on our way by the Spirit of Aloha show.

Luke Spirit of Aloha Polynesian

One the way back to our car, we popped back inside the Polynesian to look in the gift shop.

Disney Polynesian Gift Shop

Trader Jack's at Disney's Polynesian Resort

And one last photo op – sort of.

Surfboard at Disney's Polynesian Resort

I would LOVE to stay here some day. Better start saving now!

Next and last in the Resort Hop series – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.


A Trip to Disney’s Character Warehouse

When we were done with our resort hopping for the day, we were tired but still wanted to do something fun. We decided to take a quick trip over to the Orlando Premium Outlets to check out Disney’s Character Warehouse.


Disney Merchandise + Big Discounts = My Kind of Store!


They had clothes, collectibles, toys, souvenirs – anything type of Disney item you might be looking for.


Tom found some neat Cars merchandise.

Scarlett tried on all the hats.


I was drawn to the Vinylmation. The 3″ items were 5 for $10 – woohoo! Here’s a few items I got:

ebay 120
Oz the Great and Poweful: Glinda & China Girl Vinylmation
ebay 114
Nerd Figment Vinylmation

ebay 084
NFL New England Patriots Vinylmation

I also picked out a few Vinylmation “Jingle Smells” scented Christmas ornaments – Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

I am glad we made the trip.


Disney World Resort Hop #7: Pop Century

A quick trip across the lake from Art of Animation brings us to Disney’s Pop Century Resort.


We could see the giant yo-yos on our walk, so that was the first place we stopped.



We learned some historical facts as we made our way past the 50’s and 60’s to the Hippy Dippy Pool and Classic Hall.




My mission at Pop Century was to try their Tie Dye Cheesecake, so we headed to Everything Pop for desserts.


Scarlett and I split the cheesecake. Pretty, bright colors with a red velvet cake base – yum!



Tom and Luke split the Worms in Dirt pudding dessert. 


We were all getting tired at this point so we decided to look at one more decade before returning to our car. Tom and I picked the 70’s.

Surfin’ with Goofy

Big Wheel Bike

Mickey Phone

I would have liked to have seen the 80’s and 90’s as well as the other pools, but by this time we were just exhausted. It was a long day, but we vowed to check out the rest of the resort the next time we make it to Orlando.


Disney World Resort Hop #6 Part 2 – More Art of Animation

After our adventure in Radiator Springs at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, we sat down for an early dinner at Landscape of Flavors.


It was a nice (and uncrowded) atmosphere for dinner.


Just Keep Swimming
At the food court, we ordered a large pizza to share. The box was so cute, I kind of wish we had kept it as a souvenir!

The pizza was decent, pretty much a big version of the personal pizzas we’ve eaten all over Disney World.


We gobbled it up – and BONUS! missed a quick rain storm – then headed back outside to explore the lands of Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid.

First up was the Finding Nemo Courtyard, where we sped past the Big Blue Pool before the kids wanted to go in (Room Key required for entry) and whisked them over to the Righteous Reef playground.



Luke and Scarlett played for while under the watchful eyes of ocean friends.



We dragged the kids away from the slides and moved on to The Lion King.

Simba, King of Pride Rock

Hakuna Matata!

Elephant Graveyard

Scarlett and Scar

This lead us to The Little Mermaid.


Prince Eric

Flippin’ Fins Pool

Sebastian and King Triton


This was the most fun hotel I’ve ever seen. It was a GREAT place to visit! I’m sure it’s even greater to actually stay there.

After we finished with this resort, we crossed the Generation Gap Bridge over Hourglass Lake to Pop Century. Time for a snack and some time traveling!


Disney World Resort Hop #6: Art of Animation Part 1 – Cars!

After spending the morning at the beach, we were continued our tour of Disney Resorts with Art of Animation.


This was a great resort for our little kids. Lots of fun from the beginning with some of our favorite cartoons on the outside of the main building.


And even more in the lobby.


The sketches were amazing. I could’ve sat there all day looking at them.


But we didn’t – there was SO much more to look at!


Welcome to Radiator Springs!

I’ve said before that our family LOVES Cars. It was pretty awesome to be able to walk around in a life-size world of Cars.



Mater at Mater’s Towing and Salvage

Sarge at Sarge’s Supply Hut
Luigi and Guido at Case Della Tires

Leaning Tower of Tires at Casa Della Tires


The Cozy Cone Motel was the entrance to the Cozy Cone Pool.

And the best part of all – The Wheel Well Motel with Lightning and Sally out front. Just unbelievably cool!


We had the best time touring the Cars section of the resort. I hope someday we will be able to swim here.

Since it was so hot, we took a dinner break before touring the rest of the resort. On to Landscape of Flavors, then more animated fun in Part 2!