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Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Sparkling Sofia The First

Back in November, we had a little princess party for the premiere of Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess.

Scones and Purple Princess Juice
A Princess and A Knight
My little princess

Since then, the kids have really enjoyed Sofia – even Luke who’s often not a fan of “girl things.”

The Easter Bunny brought Scarlett some Sofia the First figures, which were perfect for this sparkly senory bin.

sofia 001

The base was Epsom Salt. Scarlett absolutely loved playing with this. I will have to use this much more often. I also sprinkled in some purple glitter and some large plastic jewel beads. I wish they had been purple, too, for Sofia’s amulet but I just used what I had. It ended up quite pretty and Scarlett spent over and hour burying Sofia, Amber and James in salt!

  sofia 002

She was happy with it!


Disney Princess Pretend Play: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

When we were at the Magic Kingdom, Scarlett was enamored with all the little girls who had been beautifully made up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. She did eventually get her Princess Hair at the Harmony Barber Shop, but at 2 years old, she isn’t yet big enough to have a real princess make-over.

Not to worry! After the success of our Doc McStuffins pretend play, I came up with the idea of making our own Princess Salon. A DIY Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!

Again, I made a few signs and forms in Photoshop.
Please Sign In

Pincess Hairstyle Inspiration

Waiting Area
  UntitledStyling Area
Make Up and Stuff
I put out a Lightning McQueen pit crew costume so Luke could play, too. But he didn’t want to dress up – Scarlett did! She wouldn’t pose for a picture though. 
Both kids actually enjoyed playing with this set up. Their favorite “service” was the Princess Bath. I put pink lemonade Kool Aid mix into the bath water as well as some pink glitter. They were delighted! 
Aladdin gets a “Prince” bath – with a manly firetruck.

This was definitely a fun activity. We even continued the makeover fun after we cleaned up by finding an easy to use Hair Salon app for the iPad.

I’m glad we thought this up. It was fun being fairy godmothers to our little dolls!

Some of our decorations are available to print:


Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Merida

Scarlett was very excited to meet Merida from Brave on our last day at Disney World. I have to admit, as a fan of Brave, I was too!


Tom and Luke went to do some “boy” things like ride Thunder Mountain (again), while I took Scarlett to meet a few more princesses. We arrived at Fairytale Garden just in time – we were the last ones they let in through the big wooden doors before cutting off the line and shut the doors behind us. I was nervous with a two-year-old and a long wait ahead of us, but there was a lot to do at this meet and greet and Scarlett enjoyed herself coloring a picture of Merida and her horse while we waited. They had tons of pencils but she preferred my pink Sharpie.
  Disney World 014

There was an area set up to learn a little archery, but Scarlett was intimidated. We were the last ones to see Merida before her break, so Scarlett even got a little extra attention from the lady running the archery activity. She preferred coloring and looking at the decorations, though.
  Disney World 016

When our turn came, Merida greeted us and Scarlett followed her to get an autograph and a picture. Merida was very friendly and pretty.


When I brushed a piece of hair out of Scarlett’s face, Merida joked that she had the same problem with her crazy curls!
  Disney World 018

This was definitely one of the best character meetings we had, with all the activities and fun atmosphere. We were very lucky we were let inside when we were, because I don’t think an extra 30 minute wait would have been too fun for Scarlett. 44234980171 I am so glad we got to do this meet & greet. I think it’s one of the best character photos we got!


Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Mulan in China

Our first character meeting at Epcot was with Mulan.

Disney World 497

The kids were not super thrilled with the World Showcase at first, so I bribed them with candy. I found some Cars themed candy that was like Pixy stix at Dollar Tree and gave the kids each one to get them to stand in line. So they are sucking on candy sticks in the photo.

I think it was worth is to get a picture with all four of us in it – with nobody crying!

Disney World 501

The kids remembered watching the movie Mulan and liked it, so they were excited. Mulan was really sweet to Scarlett and gave her a nice hug. Even Luke talked to her, so I’d call it a good greeting.


Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Princesses in Town Square

We were able to get a Fastpass for both the Mickey meet & greet and the town square princesses at the same time. So right after Mickey we prepared to meet Cinderella, Aurora and Rapunzel.

Scarlett adores her Rapunzel wedding dress, so I put it on her right before we went inside. Sadly, she wore it for about two minutes and the whole time, she looked like this:

Disney World 008
Not a fan
After we took the dress off of her and convinced her we were about to see the REAL Rapunzel, she cheered up. Luke was having none of the Princess meetings, so he hung back while Scarlett got lots of royal hugs and photos.

First up was Cinderella. She was so beautiful!


Princess hugs!

The next princess was Aurora. Scarlett loves Sleeping Beauty and for some reason, meeting her inspired Scarlett to dance!

She is quite the twirler and kept the crowd entertained. Then, another hug and another picture. I like Aurora’s pose – so cute!

Finally, we met Rapunzel. Scarlett was very proud she had on a Rapunzel shirt, and also had to show off her Cinderella sneakers. Of course, Rapunzel notice the purple marker spots where Scarlett had drawn on herself in the car. Oh well, at least she was color coordinated.


Tangled is my favorite Disney movie so I was super happy to get this picture. Just LOVE the hair!


So, Scarlett went from being The Grumpiest Princess to a happy little girl. Even though she was a little shy, she had a great time.