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Meeting Sofia the First at Hollywood Studios

We are BIG Disney Junior fans in this family. Both kids are mesmerized Sofia the First. Hollywood Studios recently added a Sofia Character Meeting, and we were there bright and early!


The line was surprisingly long for a day when the park had very low attendance, but Sofia is super popular. Plus, we realized later, everyone who wants to meet her probably isn’t old enough to go to school yet anyway, so they can easily be at a theme park on a Wednesday morning in September!

Luckily most of the line is shaded, and there are ceiling fans closer to the front. And we had princess toys.


Finally, we go to the front.



Scarlett got a little time by herself with Sofia to talk about her Sofia the First sneakers and compliment Sofia’s amulet.



Then Luke got up the courage to join in. He’s doesn’t always like Princesses, but he loves Sofia.


Our goal was to see Jake as well, but he didn’t come out until an hour after Sofia. And then we were busy. And then it rained! So that’s two trips to Hollywood Studios where we missed Jake. It’s a good thing Sofia was just so adorable. She almost makes up for it!


Henry Hugglemonster Breakfast Party

The kids were eagerly anticipating the Disney Junior premiere of Henry Hugglemonster. After weeks of commercials and asking “Is it on today?” we finally got to see the show and they loved it. We watched it so many times this week that the kids can already sing the whole theme song from memory and can tell you the names of all the monsters in Henry’s town. So for fun twist on breakfast, I put together a “roarsome” meal based on Henry Hugglemonster and his family.


Our Menu:
Mini Monster Pancakes
Stacks of Silver Dollar pancakes on a stick with monster faces drawn in icing

Summer’s Swirly Yogurt 
Trix yogurt in Cotton Candy and Strawberry Banana flavors
Blue & Yellow Fruit Salad 
Bananas and Blueberries to match Henry’s belly
Daddo’s Roar Juice
Apple Juice



You can print our Roarsome sign here and our menu card here.


Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Sparkling Sofia The First

Back in November, we had a little princess party for the premiere of Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess.

Scones and Purple Princess Juice
A Princess and A Knight
My little princess

Since then, the kids have really enjoyed Sofia – even Luke who’s often not a fan of “girl things.”

The Easter Bunny brought Scarlett some Sofia the First figures, which were perfect for this sparkly senory bin.

sofia 001

The base was Epsom Salt. Scarlett absolutely loved playing with this. I will have to use this much more often. I also sprinkled in some purple glitter and some large plastic jewel beads. I wish they had been purple, too, for Sofia’s amulet but I just used what I had. It ended up quite pretty and Scarlett spent over and hour burying Sofia, Amber and James in salt!

  sofia 002

She was happy with it!


Doc McStuffins Pretend Play: The Doc Is In!

Scarlett is obsessed with Doc McStuffins. She is always playing in her “clinic” or bandaging us up or diagnosing her dolls with some kind of “-osis.” So I decided to help her out and make her a full fledged doctor’s office.


Inspired by this post, I whipped up a few forms and signs in PhotoShop.

I found some x-rays here, an eye chart here, and Doc’s sign here.

We brought out Lambie and Stuffy to work the reception desk, and sat our Doctor Mommy doll in the waiting area.



Scarlett had a blast. She LOVED that she had real Band Aids to play with, and she also liked the pill bottle filled with candy.

She played with her patients all day. Dr. Scarlett’s clinic was a success!