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Le Fou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern

Completing the Beauty and the Beast trifecta at Magic Kingdom, we all went to Gaston’s Tavern for a late night snack.

disney 181

I had heard things about Le Fou’s Brew and really wanted to try it.

disney 182

We used four snack credits from our Dining Plan to get 2 cups of Le Fou’s Brew, a chocolate croissant, and a cinnamon roll as big as my head.

disney 184

I was afraid that the drink would be too sweet, but it turns out an apple juice slush type drink is really delicious! It was one of the best snacks we had on the whole trip.

disney 187

While we ate our snacks, we enjoyed the amazing atmosphere inside the tavern.

disney 183
No one shoots like Gaston

disney 194
“I use antlers in all of my DE-co-rating!”

We also had great fun sitting in Gaston’s chair.

disney 189

disney 191
disney 196


Great Disney Dining at Be Our Guest

I grew up watching Beauty and the Beast over and over and over so I was super psyched about Be Our Guest opening up at Disney World.

disney 402

During our first trip in February, though, the line for lunch was just too long and the kids were too little to wait. During our second trip, the kids were seven months older (a big difference in the preschool years!) and with planning and luck, we got in!

disney 332

I got in line at about 10:40AM. The plan was for Tom to take the kids to ride something while I waited, but the cast member in charge of the line said if I got in before they got back, they would just have to go to the end of the line. We all stayed together and I’m glad we did, because we only waited outside for about 15 minutes.

disney 337

disney 342

It was hot and there were umbrellas being passed through the line to keep everyone from getting too much sun. The line moved fast, though, so we didn’t need one. The kids barely even got to play with their “waiting in line” toys. It was okay, though, because playing outside the Beast’s castle was fun, too.

disney 343

disney 336

Inside was pretty cool as well.

disney 348

disney 349

We got to place our order on a touch screen and were given a magic rose to take to our table so the server could find us.

disney 362

disney 361

It was time to choose a room in which to enjoy our meal. At first, we chose the ever popular West Wing.

disney 376

It was amazingly decorated, which is probably why it was the most crowded dining room. I felt just like we were in the movie!

disney 367

disney 373

Our food was delivered very quickly, right to our table. The magic rose really works!

disney 378
My Croque Monsieur

disney 371
Tom’s Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich

disney 370
Kids’ Whole Grain Macaroni

disney 381
Scarlett was excited to get her meal.

disney 380
Triple Chocolate Cupcake
disney 379
Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake

Everything looked delicious, but we barely took a bite before Scarlett decided the West Wing was too scary. The thunder and the darkness was making her nervous. So we picked up everything and moved over to the Ballroom.

disney 365

disney 393

Scarlett was much happier in the light and the snow!
Finally we could enjoy our food, which, of course, was great. Those cupcakes – mmm!

Before we left, I took a peek in the Rose Gallery. So adorable!

disney 385>

disney 386

disney 388

disney 390

What a wonderful place to eat lunch! It was just so fun to be immersed in Belle’s world. And on the dining plan, it only costs a Quick Service meal credit. Now that’s a deal.


Disney World Resort Hop #8: Polynesian Resort

The last day of our trip to Orlando the my wedding anniversary! Tom and I got married on 07/07/07 – six years of wedded bliss.

And what better way to celebrate years of love than breakfast at the Polynesian?

  Disney Polynesian Resort
We got up early to squeeze in a little more fun before we headed home. The tropical feel of the Polynesian was gorgeous.
  Luke in the lobby of Disney's Polynesian Resort

After admiring the lobby, we headed over to Captain Cook’s for a nice meal.

Captain Cooks

The kids got Mickey Waffles while Tom and I tried the legendary Tonga Toast.

Tonga Toast

The banana-stuffed french toast was huge and filling. A great breakfast, although my mouth tasted like bananas for the rest of the day.

Banana Stuffed Tonga Toast

The kids were restless so breakfast was short. We ventured outside to check out the pool and the beach.

Pool at the  Polynesian Resort

The volcano pool was awesome! Luke, our lava-lover,  was impressed.

The splash pad wasn’t on yet, but it looked pretty neat, too.

Splash Pad at Polynesian Resort

The beach was lovely. The sand was being smoothed and we were the first to put down new footprints.

Beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort

This would be a great place to spend a vacation day – who even needs theme parks?

  Beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort

It was so pretty we decided to walk the path over to the Grand Floridian
Scarlett at Disney's Polynesian Resort

We passed this guy on our way by the Spirit of Aloha show.

Luke Spirit of Aloha Polynesian

One the way back to our car, we popped back inside the Polynesian to look in the gift shop.

Disney Polynesian Gift Shop

Trader Jack's at Disney's Polynesian Resort

And one last photo op – sort of.

Surfboard at Disney's Polynesian Resort

I would LOVE to stay here some day. Better start saving now!

Next and last in the Resort Hop series – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.


Disney World Resort Hop #7: Pop Century

A quick trip across the lake from Art of Animation brings us to Disney’s Pop Century Resort.


We could see the giant yo-yos on our walk, so that was the first place we stopped.



We learned some historical facts as we made our way past the 50’s and 60’s to the Hippy Dippy Pool and Classic Hall.




My mission at Pop Century was to try their Tie Dye Cheesecake, so we headed to Everything Pop for desserts.


Scarlett and I split the cheesecake. Pretty, bright colors with a red velvet cake base – yum!



Tom and Luke split the Worms in Dirt pudding dessert. 


We were all getting tired at this point so we decided to look at one more decade before returning to our car. Tom and I picked the 70’s.

Surfin’ with Goofy

Big Wheel Bike

Mickey Phone

I would have liked to have seen the 80’s and 90’s as well as the other pools, but by this time we were just exhausted. It was a long day, but we vowed to check out the rest of the resort the next time we make it to Orlando.


Visiting Downtown Disney

Our second day in Orlando was a day to relax. We slept late, and spent the morning at the pool. Then, armed with a list of free activities from Disney’s Cheapskate Princess, we made our way over to Downtown Disney for a fun afternoon of window shopping and playing. A quick downpour as we parked gave way to a gorgeous hot & sunny day.

First stop: the Magical Fountain splash pad!





Luke and Scarlett had an absolute blast. They ran through the water for a good 30 minutes while Tom and I enjoyed lunch. Luckily, I was prepared with extra dry clothes so they didn’t have to walk around soaked for the rest of the day.

Speaking of lunch, we ate at Earl of Sandwich. Sandwiches were $5.99 each, plus I had a $1 off coupon from Recyclebank. It was a very affordable Disney meal.


I had the Holiday Turkey Sandwich. With Turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberries, it was absolutely delicious/ Mmm. I wish I had one right now!


After lunch was play time! First up was Once Upon A Toy. Luke and Tom went off to play with lightsabers and build Droids while Scarlett and I made Princess Potato Heads.



They didn’t have any noses, but there were lots of other cool Disney parts so it was all good.

After a quick look around Pin Traders, Luke couldn’t take it anymore and HAD to go to the LEGO store. He loved all the LEGO sculptures outside the store, but his favorite was the Dwarf Miners. It reminded him of his favorite thing ever, Minecraft.


He was pretty happy with the inside of the store, too.



We browsed and posed inside, then went outside to build. Scarlett chose Duplo blocks while Luke worked with LEGO bricks.



By this time, we were pretty hot and tired. We decided to leave, but not before watching some bowling through the window at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. So cool!


There’s so much to do at Downtown Disney that we hardly got to any of them in just a few hours. We will be back for more someday soon, that’s for sure!


Disney World Resort Hop #2: Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House

After visiting Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge, we drove over to Jambo House for part 2 of the AKL experience.

The lobby was amazing!



Check out that bridge above the lobby!


We headed straight outside to see more animals.



My favorite animals in this section were an awesome pair of warthogs! They were too quick for me to get a pictures, but they were fun to see (one of us may have yelled Pumbaa!).


We relaxed in the rocking chairs next to the fire pit for a bit before it just got too hot to be outside. Time for some refreshments!

I’d heard good things about Zebra Domes, so we made the trek to The Mara to have a taste.

They came four to a pack for $3.89 in the grab & go section. I found the coffee liquor flavoring to be a little too much, but Tom thought they were excellent.

It was nice to relax in Mara’s air conditioning, but there was more to see! We bypassed the pool to find the Hakuna Matata playground.


We also found some flamingos! 

Obviously, Animal Kingdom Lodge is ridiculously amazing and we were thoroughly impressed.

It was getting late and we had to get ready for 4th of July fireworks, so we left ALK to check into our (non-Disney) hotel. But we are really looking forward to getting to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge someday (hopefully soon).


Lunch at Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade

There was no way we were going to Hollywood Studios without eating at Pizza Planet.

Toy Story + Pizza + Video Games = Best Lunch Ever!

He’s Happy. Really

And actually it wasn’t just the atmosphere that was good – it was tasty food too!

With the Quick Service Dining Plan, I got a Meat Lovers pizza, side salad, Cappuccino cupcake, and a Coke.

Disney World 079
Picture of half-eaten lunch.You’re welcome.


I reluctantly split my cupcake with Luke, who was disappointed by his measly chocolate chip cookie. It was a big sacrifice – the cupcakes at Hollywood Studios are awesome! Luckily, they are also huge. So it worked out.

Scarlett was determined to play a video game with her pressed penny. That didn’t work too well. We had to distract her with promises of Star Tours and Fantasmic, but we got her out of there without spending all of our pressed pennies.


Lunch at Epcot: Katsura Grill in the Japanese Pavillion

It was a little difficult to find someplace in the Epcot World Showcase where I thought the kids might actually eat something. With a kid’s meal of Teriyaki Chicken and Rice, Katsura Grill in Japan seemed like a good place.

I got a combo of Teriyaki Beef and Chicken with rice. Tom got Sushi. We both got green tea cheesecake for dessert. Pretty good for a Quick Service Dining Plan!

Disney World 545
Actually, it was too much food. I left about half of my meal uneaten – we probably could have shared one and been fine. It was good though!
The kid’s meal even came with a cookie. Woohoo!

Disney Food: Snacks at Epcot’s Kringla Bakeri og Cafe

I love food. When I travel, one of the first thing I research and plan is where to eat. In reading about all the great Disney food, I discovered great reviews of the snacks at Kringla Bakeri og Cafe in the Norwegian Pavillion.

By the time the World Showcase opened at 11AM, I was hungry! It was a good time for a snack. To Norway!

  Disney World 495
I had heard raves about the School Bread, which I ordered and happily devoured. It was like a dinner roll mixed with a donut. And I liked it.

The kids got a big cinnamon roll to split.

Disney World 496

Tom got this awesome Viking Chocolate Mousse. I had a bite – it was super rich. He almost couldn’t finish, so the rest of helped. Mmm, tasty.

The kids didn’t want to sit for too long, and started feeding bits of cinnamon roll to the birds, so we finished up to enjoy more of our trip around Epcot’s world.