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Disney World Resort Hop #4 – Disney’s Boardwalk

After a fun afternoon at Downtown Disney, a relaxing evening was in order. Disney’s Boardwalk was the perfect place for that!


We arrived at the Boardwalk Inn just as the sun was beginning to set.


We followed the sign to the Boardwalk.

It was lovely.


As it got darker, the lights made things even lovelier.

As we strolled (or, in the kids’ case, ran, without shoes) along the water, we found many things to entertain us.


We watched people win prizes at the midway games, and checked out the arcade that was also half ESPN Club gift shop.


We watched several different “street performers.” Our favorite was the guy who spoke with a kazoo sound and shot basketballs into a hoop balanced on his head!


We barely resisted the Oreo Mickey cupcakes at the Boardwalk Bakery and coveted the candy at Seashore Sweets. (We may have actually bought some jelly beans if the line hadn’t been about 20 people deep.)


Luke wanted to ride one of the Surrey bikes, but the rental rates were steep – and I wasn’t confident that we wouldn’t run down some unsuspecting Disney Guests if we tried to drive one, anyway. We settled for dancing to the music wafting out of the Piano Bar.


We decided to visit The Yacht Club and Beach Club, an easy walk from the Boardwalk, and by the time we returned, I was way too tired to go inside the Boardwalk Inn. Maybe next time!