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Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Mulan in China

Our first character meeting at Epcot was with Mulan.

Disney World 497

The kids were not super thrilled with the World Showcase at first, so I bribed them with candy. I found some Cars themed candy that was like Pixy stix at Dollar Tree and gave the kids each one to get them to stand in line. So they are sucking on candy sticks in the photo.

I think it was worth is to get a picture with all four of us in it – with nobody crying!

Disney World 501

The kids remembered watching the movie Mulan and liked it, so they were excited. Mulan was really sweet to Scarlett and gave her a nice hug. Even Luke talked to her, so I’d call it a good greeting.


Walt Disney World: In Lieu of Splash Mountain

One of the reasons we planned a trip to Disney World in the first place was because Luke loved watching YouTube videos of Splash Mountain.

Then – tragedy of tragedies – we found out that during the time we would be at Disney, Splash Mountain would be down for refurbishment! Super disappointing, especially because this is Tom’s favorite ride. Oh well, there are other things to do at the Magic Kingdom.

 As it turns out, we got a little taste of Song of the South – without even getting wet! As we headed toward Big Thunder Mountain for Fast Passes, we caught Br’er Rabbit walking through Frontierland.


It was a fun surprise to see a character that wasn’t on the official schedule. Tom was thrilled, and Scarlett loved his pink shirt. It matched her princess shirt perfectly.

As cool as that meeting was, it wasn’t the end.
At Epcot later in the week, we had another surprise meeting, this time with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear!
We were able to get their autographs and everything. Luke even looks happy in the group shot! He let Br’er Fox hug him, too. It was a very sweet meeting.
While Splash Mountain still remains at the very top of our list for our next Disney trip, meeting all the characters from the ride was great and memorable. Some Disney Magic visited upon us – how lucky are we?

Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Princesses in Town Square

We were able to get a Fastpass for both the Mickey meet & greet and the town square princesses at the same time. So right after Mickey we prepared to meet Cinderella, Aurora and Rapunzel.

Scarlett adores her Rapunzel wedding dress, so I put it on her right before we went inside. Sadly, she wore it for about two minutes and the whole time, she looked like this:

Disney World 008
Not a fan
After we took the dress off of her and convinced her we were about to see the REAL Rapunzel, she cheered up. Luke was having none of the Princess meetings, so he hung back while Scarlett got lots of royal hugs and photos.

First up was Cinderella. She was so beautiful!


Princess hugs!

The next princess was Aurora. Scarlett loves Sleeping Beauty and for some reason, meeting her inspired Scarlett to dance!

She is quite the twirler and kept the crowd entertained. Then, another hug and another picture. I like Aurora’s pose – so cute!

Finally, we met Rapunzel. Scarlett was very proud she had on a Rapunzel shirt, and also had to show off her Cinderella sneakers. Of course, Rapunzel notice the purple marker spots where Scarlett had drawn on herself in the car. Oh well, at least she was color coordinated.


Tangled is my favorite Disney movie so I was super happy to get this picture. Just LOVE the hair!


So, Scarlett went from being The Grumpiest Princess to a happy little girl. Even though she was a little shy, she had a great time.


Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Mickey in Town Square

After driving from Grandma’s house in South Carolina, we arrived at our hotel around 5pm. We checked in, unpacked the car very quickly, and made our way to the Magic Kingdom by 6pm (the park had Extra Magic Hours that night so we got a good six hours there that night!)

Right away, we picked up some Fastpasses for the Town Square Character meet & greets.

First up was the main mouse, himself – Mickey!

Being the first character meeting, this was a bit awkward for the kids.


Luke was actually a little frightened. I feel bad looking at this picture – he looks like he’s trying to escape!


With help from Mickey and his handlers, we did manage to calm everyone down long enough for a family photo. A reluctant family, but a photo nonetheless.


It did take Luke several days to warm up to the characters, though. Fortunately, Scarlett liked them and wanted more. On to the Princesses!