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Meeting Sofia the First at Hollywood Studios

We are BIG Disney Junior fans in this family. Both kids are mesmerized Sofia the First. Hollywood Studios recently added a Sofia Character Meeting, and we were there bright and early!


The line was surprisingly long for a day when the park had very low attendance, but Sofia is super popular. Plus, we realized later, everyone who wants to meet her probably isn’t old enough to go to school yet anyway, so they can easily be at a theme park on a Wednesday morning in September!

Luckily most of the line is shaded, and there are ceiling fans closer to the front. And we had princess toys.


Finally, we go to the front.



Scarlett got a little time by herself with Sofia to talk about her Sofia the First sneakers and compliment Sofia’s amulet.



Then Luke got up the courage to join in. He’s doesn’t always like Princesses, but he loves Sofia.


Our goal was to see Jake as well, but he didn’t come out until an hour after Sofia. And then we were busy. And then it rained! So that’s two trips to Hollywood Studios where we missed Jake. It’s a good thing Sofia was just so adorable. She almost makes up for it!


Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – Part 3

See Part 1 and Part 2 of our MNSSHP experience.

As soon as the parade ended, we headed for Main Street to see the Princesses and their Princes meeting at Town Square Theater
On our way our of Liberty Square, though, we spotted Tiana and Naveen at their gazebo and there wasn’t anyone in line. We even asked if it was open because the first time we met Tiana, we waited 45 minutes. It was open so yay!


It was a nice little bonus that we hadn’t planned.

Next, we continued to the other princesses and princes. The parade was still going down Main Street, so we cut through the stores all the way to the front on the street. It was a good strategy – we beat the crowds and saved ourselves a seriously long wait! The sign said the wait was 50 minutes but we were in and out in 20.

The first royal couple we met at Town Square was Snow White and her Prince. (Tom asked The Prince his name. He said it was Ferdinand, but most people just call him The Prince.)


Luke decided to hide from Snow White for some reason.


At first she was upset.

Then they made up.


Snow White is just adorable!

Next, we met Cinderella and Prince Charming. I loved them! They were really lovey dovey – so cute, and authentic!



They both took a lot of time to talk to the kids. So sweet.


Our final couple was Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.


I have to say, Flynn Rider was THE BEST. He kind of stole the show from Rapunzel.

He saw us and said “Oh, pirates! Of the Neverland variety!” He also knew who Izzy was, which most of the characters did not (Jasmine pretty much insisted Scarlett was actually Boo.)

It was good times.


Tom totally bonded with Flynn. He said Flynn was like Han Solo. I think it was appreciated.


Meeting the Princes with the Princesses was so much fun. Totally made the MNSSHP admission price worth it!

That about wrapped it up. We left the park at about 11:45pm and getting back to our car wasn’t too bad. Before we left, we got a great Halloween photo on Main Street.


I wish we could go 2 or 3 more times to do some of the things we missed. Guess we’ll just have to go again next year!


Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2013 – Part I

Our fall trip to Disney World had the added bonus of falling during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, a special event at Magic Kingdom that features trick-or-treating, a special Halloween parade, costumes for kids and adults alike, rare characters, and much more!

The park was decked out for fall. Pumpkins everywhere!

disneylast 187


After spending the day at Animal Kingdom, we entered Magic Kingdom around 6pm. The party started at 7pm, just as we were finishing a quick (crowded) dinner at Pecos Bill’s.
disney 831

We were pretty stoked to dress up as Jake and the Neverland Pirates characters for the party. Luke was Jake, Scarlett was Izzy, I was Captain Hook and Tom was Mr. Smee. We looked GOOD.


I had high hopes of meeting all sort of awesome, rarely seen characters – The Seven Dwarfs, Tarzan and Jane, Lotso, Jack Skellington. But one time waiting for Jasmine and the Genie and we knew that wasn’t going to happen. It was hot and Luke wanted to go on RIDES, not meet people! So plans changed.

Dad took Luke to the trifecta of Mountains and other “big kid” things, while I took Scarlett to attractions for the littler set. I was sort of bummed for a minute but there was almost no wait for any rides so that was pretty fun. Scarlett was delighted to have a boat all to ourselves in It’s A Small World.

A perfect Pirate Ride

Scarlett and I did catch a glimpse of the Dwarfs on the way to Under the Sea. She was willing to meet them if we could skip the line, but we’re not that important. She didn’t care too much.

disney 854

After playing around in Fantasyland for a bit, Scarlett and I sat right outside Enchanted Tales with Belle to watch the Happy Hallowishes Fireworks Show.

disney 916

disney 912
disney 939

The kids still aren’t thrilled with the booms made by fireworks. Luckily,  I learned to bring

Noise Reducing Earmuffs.

disney 894

Scarlett was able to enjoy the show without freaking out (even though some of the villains’ voices in the show made her nervous.) Huge benefit!

Next post, we meet back up with Dad and Luke to watch the Boo to You Parade!


Character Greeting Interrupted: Buzz & Woody at Hollywood Studios

After Toy Story Mania, we crossed the street for the Toy Story Meet & Greet with Woody & Buzz Lightyear.

It was a difficult start to the day, with a long wait just to get on the first ride. The kids we tired of waiting. And yet we walked into a 40 minute wait for Woody and Buzz. Groan.

They did have fun stuff to play with in line so I was cautiously optimistic.

Disney World 065
Finally, a smile!
Disney World 067
The Claw!

Space Rangers
Disney World 072
Disney World 070
Trying to appease her with a Rice Krispie Treat

After all these pictures, we still were only half way through the line. I really wanted to meet Woody. Tom wanted to stay, too. But the kids were crabby, and in the end, they won. We exited, and I watched wistfully through the window as kids hugs the Toys. Then we moved on to making some Toy Story pressed pennies.

Disney World 073

Disney World 074

We left Pixar Place for bigger and better (ahem – Star Tours) things, but I’m still disappointed at our overall lack of Pixar Character pictures and autographs. Yet again – we have to go back!


Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Snow White in Germany

Scarlett was delighted to meet Snow White on our visit to Epcot.


This was a popular meet & greet, and we got in a long-ish line before she came out for photos. The line moved quickly, though and Scarlett got to see Snow White the whole time we waited. Again, Luke wasn’t interested in meeting princesses, so Scarlett got a picture solo.


We had been singing along to Heigh-Ho over and over in the car this trip, so it was nice to put a face with the song!


Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen

One of the best character meet and greets we had at Disney World was with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.



We had just returned to the Magic Kingdom after an afternoon nap and the sun was starting to set. It was about 45 minutes until Tiana’s character greeting ended so Tom suggested we head over to her Liberty Square gazebo after finishing our Dole Whip snacks in Adventureland. I am glad we decided to do that instead of ride the Magic Carpets first because when we got there it was a forty minute wait and they cut the line off right after us!


I was worried about such a long wait with the little kids but Tiana is Tom’s favorite princess and he wanted to wait. The kids were content to play with the Cars vehicles I had packed in the backpack so we waited and it turned out to be worth it!

It only took us about a half hour to get to the front of the line. Luke was still being shy with the characters at this point (midway through our vacation!) but Scarlett decided at the last minute she wanted to give Tiana a hug.

The family before us had a little boy with them who was also a little nervous. Prince Naveen started to playfully chase him but the poor boy tripped off the edge of the gazebo and fell. Naveen felt very bad! Because of this, when Luke didn’t want to go up and meet the characters, Naveen didn’t push it. He said “I learned my lesson!” It was pretty funny.


Tiana’s frog princess outfit was just beautiful, and I thought she was the most convincing of all the princesses we met. She was so sweet and gave Scarlett a great hug. Naveen was good too  – although Scarlett wasn’t as interested as getting a hug from him, trying to squirm away – and it was fun to meet two characters at once, especially a princess AND a prince! Talking characters are always fun to interact with but these two were really in character and felt like they stepped right out of The Princess and the Frog.


Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting The Little Mermaid at Ariel’s Grotto

On our last day at the Magic Kingdom, the plan was for me to take Scarlett to Enchanted Tales with Belle first thing to beat the crowds. But we were about 10 minutes late for rope drop and Friday was way more crowded than it had been the rest of the week. By the time we got over to Fantasyland, the wait for Belle was 30 minutes. This was too long for a 2 year old!

We skipped out and made a quick trip over to Ariel’s Grotto. The wait was only about 15 minutes to meet Ariel, so we stuck around for that. Scarlett was not fond of waiting there either, but it was at least cool inside the little cave, and she was pretty much contained in line.


I think Scarlett left a trail of Tinker Bell fruit snacks throughout the line. But before too long, it was our turn to meet The Little Mermaid!


Honestly, I think this was the least good character meeting. Ariel was pretty and the environment was awesome, but Ariel wasn’t as bubbly as she was in the movie, and it didn’t last very long.

Scarlett got a nice hug, though. She was happy to have met a mermaid, and to be free from waiting in line.
We wanted to ride Under the Sea as well, but it was closed for the morning, and we had to leave before it opened up again. Boo! Oh well, guess we will have to go back!

Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Merida

Scarlett was very excited to meet Merida from Brave on our last day at Disney World. I have to admit, as a fan of Brave, I was too!


Tom and Luke went to do some “boy” things like ride Thunder Mountain (again), while I took Scarlett to meet a few more princesses. We arrived at Fairytale Garden just in time – we were the last ones they let in through the big wooden doors before cutting off the line and shut the doors behind us. I was nervous with a two-year-old and a long wait ahead of us, but there was a lot to do at this meet and greet and Scarlett enjoyed herself coloring a picture of Merida and her horse while we waited. They had tons of pencils but she preferred my pink Sharpie.
  Disney World 014

There was an area set up to learn a little archery, but Scarlett was intimidated. We were the last ones to see Merida before her break, so Scarlett even got a little extra attention from the lady running the archery activity. She preferred coloring and looking at the decorations, though.
  Disney World 016

When our turn came, Merida greeted us and Scarlett followed her to get an autograph and a picture. Merida was very friendly and pretty.


When I brushed a piece of hair out of Scarlett’s face, Merida joked that she had the same problem with her crazy curls!
  Disney World 018

This was definitely one of the best character meetings we had, with all the activities and fun atmosphere. We were very lucky we were let inside when we were, because I don’t think an extra 30 minute wait would have been too fun for Scarlett. 44234980171 I am so glad we got to do this meet & greet. I think it’s one of the best character photos we got!


Disney World Character Greeting: Meeting Tigger and Eeyore in Fantasyland

On our last day at the Magic Kingdom, Luke and Tom were doing adventurous boy things (like riding rollercoasters) and hadn’t planned on doing any character meetings. But just as they passed The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore showed up!


The kid is goofy, but I’m glad he got in another character photo! Scarlett and I were on our way back from meeting Merida and also spotted these guys. We were surprised to end up in line behind our other family members! Scarlett decided not to wait, though, and we got out of line. Instead we played at Pooh’s house.

Disney World 019
Anybody home?
Disney World 021


It was a nice little pit stop and photo op!


Epcot World Showcase: Meeting Tigger and Pooh in Britain

When we arrived at the United Kingdom Pavillion at Epcot, we went straight for The Toy Soldier store for the Pooh & Friends character meeting.

The store was kind of neat with lots of Beatles stuff. Tom asked if they had anything that said both Beatles and Disney, but they didn’t. Maybe on a future trip?

Christopher Robin’s bedroom is in the back of the store and that’s where the meet & greet took place. The line was very short, yay!

  Disney World 548
The kids found the giant Pooh and Tigger a little intimating. Luke opted out, and Scarlett would only go with her daddy.

  Disney World 554

Picture turned out cute anyway!