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UP Activity: More Wilderness and A Campfire

I was looking around for more Up related activities and came across another adventure fit for a Wilderness Explorer.

While we were at Hidden Oaks Nature Center, we saw a flyer for Who-oo’s at the Campfire?, a program where kids learn about owls around the campfire. Sounded pretty awesome, so the next night, Luke and I headed back to experience the Nature Center at night.


We actually ended up going into a classroom to learn about owls before we went outside. I was worried Luke wouldn’t like sitting there being lectured to, but just as I leaned over to ask if he was bored, he said “This is really fun!” He thought the teacher was great. She was really entertaining and even I learned a lot.


She showed up an owl skull, a wing, a talon and a bunch of different species of owls that were stuffed and displayed around the building.


Then it was time to head out to the campfire. Luke was very excited he got to use a flashlight.


We sat around the fire, where to teacher told us a story adapted from Native American folklore about how the owl was created. It was pretty funny.

After the story, it was time for s’mores! It was pretty fun roasting our own marshmallows.


It was even more fun to eat them!


Luke had a great time and wants to take Dad and Scarlett with us next time.

He is a proud owl expert!