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A Minecraft Themed Birthday Dinner

Luke loves Minecraft more than anything, so to celebrate his fifth birthday, we came up with a dinner with a Minecraft theme.

minecraft dinner

His favorite food is pasta, so I tried to incorporate that into the meal. I got a lot of great ideas from Pinterest.

Our Minecraft Dinner Menu
  • Zombie Brains (Rotini Pasta)
  • Lava (Spaghetti Sauce)
  • Sticks (Breadsticks)
  • Carrots (Salad)
  • Diamonds and Gold (Hershey’s Kisses and Rolos)
  • Sandstone (Rice Krispie Treats)
  • Obsidian (Brownies)
  • TNT (Twizzlers)
  • Creeper Cakes (Cake with green frosting)
Everything was served on square plates in black and green, and we drank green Gatorade.
zombie brains

minecraft candy

minecraft obsidian

minecraft cake

Luke was very pleased!

minecraft party

For gifts, I used some gem-print wrapping paper I got on clearance after Christmas. Then I put the gifts in a treasure chest that guests had signed at Luke’s first birthday party.

jewel wrapping paper

He was thrilled to get a Minecraft LEGO set.

minecraft lego

He also got a Kindle Fire from Mimi – more ways to play Minecraft!


It was a fun little way to celebrate our boy’s big birthday.


Luke’s Bouncing Birthday

For Luke’s birthday, he wanted to go to one of our favorite play places – Sport Bounce of Loudoun. It’s a bit of a drive, so we don’t go as often as the kids would like. Going as a birthday treat was just what an energetic 5-year-old wanted.

<bounce house birthday

We got to open bounce a little late, but an hour ended up being enough time to get in everything they wanted to do.

bounce slide

Luke got to jump, slide and even experience hurricane force winds!

hurricane simulator

My mom is visiting so she got to play a bit, too.


It was a nice time, especially since they have added, Jumpin’ Java, a new coffee shop!

I’d love to have a full-fledged birthday party here someday. Luke wanted a Minecraft themed birthday dinner, though, so we left at the end of Open Bounce to shop for his special meal. See what we came up with in the next post!

Luke is 5!

My first baby turns five years old today! The years have flown by.

First Day

First Birthday

2nd Birthday

Third Birthday

Fourth Birthday

Happy Birthday to my best little buddy! Wishing you a wonderful year, and many more to follow.


Scarlett’s Pink Princess Sleeping Beauty Birthday Dinner

Scarlett had requested a “Pink Princess Sleeping Beauty” party for her birthday this year. For her first two birthday we were visiting family so we had big parties. This year we traveled in June instead of July so we were home for her third birthday. This meant no big party. But we could put together a nice little Pink Princess dinner.

  scarlettbday 035

It was a simple and little-kid-friendly menu:

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches 
Popcorn and Pretzels 
Pink Marshmallows 
Bubble Gum 
Pink Lemonade 
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Hot Pink Frosting.

Scarlett pinked out a few princess things at the party store, like pink plates and napkins.

scarlettbday 056

And we couldn’t forget the party blowers! 


My favorite part was the Rocker Girl Mini Tiaras I found at Party City. Adorable cupcake toppers!

scarlettbday 037 
The Birthday Princess was pleased.

scarlettbday 023

I put her presents together in a Sleeping Beauty theme with “The Gift of Beauty,” “The Gift of Song,” and “The Gift of Love.”
  scarlettbday 051

(She got an Izzy Pirate Costume, a Cinderella piano, and some dolls so it sort of corresponded). Please forgive the Christmas wrapping paper – it was Disney Princess paper, just not pink!

She especially loved her Pink Princess Sleeping Beauty doll!

scarlettbday 081

After presents, Scarlett did a quick change into the Izzy costume to blow our her candles.

scarlettbday 096

Can’t believe she’s the big 3!


Scarlett is 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little princess, Scarlett!

Time is flying by!

What started off as this:

Scarlett 3 hours old

Grew into this…

Scarlett – 1 Year Old

…Kept growing…

Scarlett – 2 Years Old

…And now she’s a big girl!

Scarlett – 3 Years Old

She’s such a great daughter and a really fun girl! Love her to pieces. She’s asked for a pink Princess Sleeping Beauty birthday dinner so it should be a fun day.