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Le Fou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern

Completing the Beauty and the Beast trifecta at Magic Kingdom, we all went to Gaston’s Tavern for a late night snack.

disney 181

I had heard things about Le Fou’s Brew and really wanted to try it.

disney 182

We used four snack credits from our Dining Plan to get 2 cups of Le Fou’s Brew, a chocolate croissant, and a cinnamon roll as big as my head.

disney 184

I was afraid that the drink would be too sweet, but it turns out an apple juice slush type drink is really delicious! It was one of the best snacks we had on the whole trip.

disney 187

While we ate our snacks, we enjoyed the amazing atmosphere inside the tavern.

disney 183
No one shoots like Gaston

disney 194
“I use antlers in all of my DE-co-rating!”

We also had great fun sitting in Gaston’s chair.

disney 189

disney 191
disney 196


Enchanted Tales with Belle

Continuing my Beauty and the Beast fandom in New Fantasyland, I had another goal of seeing Enchanted Tales with Belle.

disney 857
Portrait in Belle’s Cottage

The last day of our trip in February, I got in line with Scarlett for the show, but the line was already 30 minutes long. She was not even a little interested in waiting, so we went to see Ariel, who had a 2 minute wait instead.

The plan this trip was to go on our first night at Magic Kingdom during late night extra magic hours.

disney 228
Luke checking out Belle’s checkers.

The wait was only 10 minutes! We walked right into Belle’s cottage without even having to wait outside. But alas, a cast member came out to tell us Maurice was “tinkering in his workshop” and we’d be let in when it was done. 20 minutes later, he was still tinkering. And while that was happening, this was happening.

disney 230
Scarlett fell asleep, Tom was just blinking

Since we didn’t want Scarlett to miss Belle, and we didn’t want to stand there until the park closed at 1am, we decided to try again another time.

Finally, during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Scarlett and I were hanging out in Fantasyland before the fireworks. Low and behold, the wait for Belle was only 5 minutes! It was so not crowded that the cast member told us we wouldn’t be let in until 20 people were gathered, and we only made 5. Scarlett thought that was fine. So we went to explore Belle’s cottage.

disney 863
Scarlett said “This is my favorite book!”

disney 862

disney 861

Luckily for us, a family of Princesses and a large group dressed quite impressively as Haunted Mansion ghosts arrived and we were lead into Maurice’s workshop, then through the magic mirror to the Beast’s castle. First, we met the Wardrobe. This is one of the most impressive mechanical characters I have ever seen. She was incredible!

disney 867
We were supposed to reenact Belle and the Beast falling in love, so before we got to Belle, everyone was given parts to play. The other kids were picked, but Scarlett wasn’t, probably because she is so little. I told her to volunteer, but she didn’t want to, although later she really regretted not being able to play Phillipe!
disney 870

Finally, we were let into the library. There was an awesome animatronic Lumiere. And then Belle emerged!

disney 872

They did a cute little show. I thought it was fun, especially with the actors already in completely unrelated Halloween costumes.

The Beast/Ghost

Since Scarlett was the only kid that didn’t have a part in the show, a cast member came over and asked if she wanted to meet Belle. I was surprised she actually said yes!

disney 877

It was a very sweet meeting. Sadly (for me), Scarlett didn’t want to stand up there and wait for a formal shot, so we didn’t get one posed with Belle.

She immediately regretted it and wanted to do the whole thing again, but it was time for HalloWishes instead.

Oh well, guess we’ll just have to do it again some day!


Great Disney Dining at Be Our Guest

I grew up watching Beauty and the Beast over and over and over so I was super psyched about Be Our Guest opening up at Disney World.

disney 402

During our first trip in February, though, the line for lunch was just too long and the kids were too little to wait. During our second trip, the kids were seven months older (a big difference in the preschool years!) and with planning and luck, we got in!

disney 332

I got in line at about 10:40AM. The plan was for Tom to take the kids to ride something while I waited, but the cast member in charge of the line said if I got in before they got back, they would just have to go to the end of the line. We all stayed together and I’m glad we did, because we only waited outside for about 15 minutes.

disney 337

disney 342

It was hot and there were umbrellas being passed through the line to keep everyone from getting too much sun. The line moved fast, though, so we didn’t need one. The kids barely even got to play with their “waiting in line” toys. It was okay, though, because playing outside the Beast’s castle was fun, too.

disney 343

disney 336

Inside was pretty cool as well.

disney 348

disney 349

We got to place our order on a touch screen and were given a magic rose to take to our table so the server could find us.

disney 362

disney 361

It was time to choose a room in which to enjoy our meal. At first, we chose the ever popular West Wing.

disney 376

It was amazingly decorated, which is probably why it was the most crowded dining room. I felt just like we were in the movie!

disney 367

disney 373

Our food was delivered very quickly, right to our table. The magic rose really works!

disney 378
My Croque Monsieur

disney 371
Tom’s Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich

disney 370
Kids’ Whole Grain Macaroni

disney 381
Scarlett was excited to get her meal.

disney 380
Triple Chocolate Cupcake
disney 379
Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake

Everything looked delicious, but we barely took a bite before Scarlett decided the West Wing was too scary. The thunder and the darkness was making her nervous. So we picked up everything and moved over to the Ballroom.

disney 365

disney 393

Scarlett was much happier in the light and the snow!
Finally we could enjoy our food, which, of course, was great. Those cupcakes – mmm!

Before we left, I took a peek in the Rose Gallery. So adorable!

disney 385>

disney 386

disney 388

disney 390

What a wonderful place to eat lunch! It was just so fun to be immersed in Belle’s world. And on the dining plan, it only costs a Quick Service meal credit. Now that’s a deal.


Beauty and the Beast Movie Night

For our Beauty and the Beast movie night dinner, I borrowed from the menus at the new Magic Kingdom restaurants Be Our Guest and Gaston’s Tavern.


I was going for French and kid-friendly at the same time – not easy! But these menus gave me good ideas – can’t really go wrong with ham and cheese with fries!

Our Menu:
Pommes Frites with Ketchup and Mayo
Chocolate Mousse

I also borrowed the Be Our Guest menu design for menu cards. Hope that’s okay with them…


Our LeFou’s Brew was just apple juice. Maybe next time we will be more adventurous.

bellebolt 012

The food went great with the movie. A great movie!


Beauty and the Beast Activity: A Trip to a Rose Garden (Sort of)

With the enchanted rose being a big part of Beauty and the Beast, I thought it might be fun to visit Bon Air Park, a local recreation area featuring a Memorial Rose Garden. Sadly, we visited too early in the year and the roses were not in bloom.
bonair 028
Bon Air Park, Sans Roses

Poor planning!

All was not lost, though, considering many other flowers were available for our viewing pleasure. Oh, and they have a playground!

  bonair 002
bonair 014

bonair 030

The playground was fun, but the setting was really lovely.

  bonair 025

bonair 023

And the flowers! Not roses, but still quite beautiful.

  bonair 044

bonair 073

bonair 076
bonair 069

bonair 053
It was really a nice day.


Beauty and the Beast Activity: Visiting the Library

Belle loves books, and the Beast’s magnificent library was one of the things that endeared him to her. So as part of Beauty and the Beast week, we took a trip to the library.

Our local library is great, and has a nice children’s section with tons of books, videos, and toys.
A book of poetry


“Reading” about cities

Big Sandra Boynton fan

The rocking chairs are one of the best parts of the library

Doing puzzles

Chillin’ while Dad talks to the librarian

More picture books
So sad to leave.
storytime 012
Storytime before bed makes it better 🙂

Disney Movie of the Week: Beauty and the Beast

This week’s movie is one of my favorites: Beauty and the Beast!

Tom, Luke and Chip!

I recorded this movie off of ABC Family when it aired on Easter, and I’ve been waiting impatiently to watch it. The kids have seen it once before. Scarlett was a little afraid of “The Bear” aka the Beast, but she liked the music a lot.

My little actor in a Photopass Magic Shot

I have a few good activities to do as well for this week’s theme. We should keep ourselves entertained!


Disney World: Belle’s Village in New Fantasyland

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the New Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom, but what we did see was really cool. Much of it belongs to Belle and her friends.

Tom and Luke in front of Belle’s house

Disney World 003
Statue outside of Gaston’s Tavern

Disney World 004
The Beast’s Castle

I was excited to try the counter service lunch at Be Our Guest – but so was everyone else at the park! A line was forming at 10am for lunch at noon, and honestly, I didn’t want to sacrifice two hours of rides on the last day of our vacation just to eat there. I am planning to swipe a few dishes from their menu for our upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie night, though!


Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was the quintessential Disney movie for my younger years. My sister and I must have watched it, along with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, just about a billion times. My eighth grade French class, after watching La Belle et Le Bete, even formed a short-lived Beauty and The Beast fan club.

Disney nerds 4 eva.

Anyway, I saw fake roses in the dollar store and pretty much needed to buy them for a Beauty and the Beast sensory bin.

Here’s what I included:
White Rice
Red fabric roses (with glitter!) 
Red decorative stones
Foam princess stamps (Dress, castle, mirror)
Pretend tea cup
Evenflo Switch A Roo Tea Pot
Fisher-Price Little People Beast Figure


For some reason, rice is one thing the kids love to throw around. They’ll keep all the beans I can find in the bin, but lots of rice ends up on the floor. Le sigh.

They did like scooping with the tea cup. If I do this one again, I might use real tea cups. The texture and even the sound would probably be fun. Maybe I will figure out how to die rice as well. It would be pretty in yellow!