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Disney World Resort Hop #5: Yacht Club and Beach Club

After taking in the atmosphere at Disney’s Boardwalk, we decided to take a little walk to the nearby resorts: Yacht Club and Beach Club.


The bridge to the Yacht Club had some neat sails on the sides. They looked pretty cool with the Dolphin in the background.


The kids were pretty excited to see the little beaches.


We were able to catch the Epcot fireworks from the sand.


We walked through both hotels, but I forgot to take photos. They were really beautiful, though!

I wanted to stop by Beach & Cream Soda Shop to see if we could see anyone eating the Kitchen Sink sundae. It was really crowded, though, and the kids weren’t in the mood to wait.


We hit the arcade next door instead.


We really felt like we were at a beach resort! But it was hot and getting late, so we had to get going. We were going to a real beach the next morning.