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‘Frozen’ Fever

On Thanksgiving, we went to see Frozen, the new animated Disney movie. I was surprised at how great the Broadway-style music was, and enjoyed all the cute characters from new Disney Princesses to a talking , Summer-loving snowman.


And now, Scarlett is obsessed. She was singing along with the songs the first time she heard them. She cannot get enough. We went back to the theater two more times this weekend. And of course, we got some Anna and Elsa dolls to join us.


I ended up buying the soundtrack and we’ve been listening to it non-stop. Do you want to build a snowman? Why, yes! Yes, we do.


Disney Movie Night: Planes

We were supposed to go to the park Thursday night, but it was supposed to rain. We decided not to chance getting caught in a thunderstorm and I’m glad we did. It turns out our local theaters were having Thursday night showings of Planes!


I was excited we didn’t have to wait until Friday, and armed with 2 free tickets (one from Toys R Us and one from Disney Movie Rewards) and a coupon for $3 off popcorn (from Regal Cinema texts), it was a bargain.

We got there early, but it wasn’t all that crowded. We waited in the hall until we could go into the theater.


Luckily, we had that popcorn.

Scarlett wore her tutu over her clothes…

Once inside we watched a LOT of coming attractions, while the kids kept asking “Is this Planes?”


When the movie started, they were pretty into it for a while. I wish we hadn’t been quite so early because it was about half way through that Scarlett started kicking chairs and standing up. I ended up taking her to walk around, and then watched the last part of the movie sitting in the hall that lead to the doorway while Scarlett played on my phone and danced (good thing she wore that tutu!).


I did like the parts I saw. People laughed, and the visuals were pretty great. The plot was really close to Cars, and pretty predictable, but that was expected – it was originally meant to go straight to video. I’m glad it came to the big screen because the animation was made for that. Looking forward to the DVD release, though, so I can see the parts I missed!

Luke liked it, and since he’s pretty much the demographic, I’m glad for that. Plus, other than the time he shouted out “What happened?!” when the screen went white, he acted appropriately for a movie theater. He is learning! And Scarlett will get there, too – hopefully in time for Frozen!


At The Movies: Monsters University

It was exciting to take the kids to the movie theater to see Monsters University. Scarlett had only been once to see Wreck-It Ralph, so it’s a big deal when she gets to go to the theater. Luke has seen four movies in the theater, so he is a pro. Still, it’s something fun and different for him, too.


The AMC Hoffman Center had some fun stuff set up to advertise upcoming films, so we entertained ourselves before the show.

Whack A Minion – Despicable Me 2
Turbo Ride

I had a free ticket to the movie from Kelloggs, and Scarlett is 2 so she was free. Since we saved a bunch on tickets, we sprung for snacks to enjoy while we watched.


Scarlett brought Princess Aurora as her special guest.


The kids were well-behaved from the beginning. The both really liked the Pixar short The Blue Umbrella that played before the movie. As for Monsters University, neither kid was scared of the monsters, as they had been worried about. Scarlett developed quite an affection for “Michael” as she calls Mike Wazowski. Both Luke and Scarlett were pretty into the movie, and we only had to shush them a few times. Tom and I both thought the film was great as well.

All in all is was a successful trip to the movies!


A Dreamworks Moment: The Croods

Tom and Luke had a Daddy/Son day this weekend. They had an adventure on the bus and subway, then went to the movies to see The Croods. 
Luke was worried about having to sit in the theater chair “forever,” but when he got home he said he had “hundreds of fun.” Funny kid.