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Movie Night: Alice in Wonderland

It was a little bit difficult to come up with food for our Alice in Wonderland dinner. After a lot of brainstorming, I think it came out okay. Even if it wasn’t perfectly themed, it went well together, and tasted good too!

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Our “Alice in Wonderland” Menu: 
Alice’s Shrinking Burgers (Sliders) 
Cheshire Cat’s Smiling Fries
Caterpillar’s Stuffed Mushrooms
Queen of Hearts Strawberry Tarts
Drink Me Punch

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It was an easy meal, and the kids were excited to watch the movie afterwards. I call that a success.


Afternoon Tea at American Girl

I knew I wanted to do some kind of tea party for Alice in Wonderland week. When Scarlett and I discovered the restaurant while browsing in the American Girl store on afternoon, we decided it was a great place to return to one day for afternoon tea.

Since I had taken Luke by himself to the campfire the previous week (and since he’s not a big fan of girly things like American Girl), I took Scarlett by herself to have tea. Well, Scarlett and her Bitty Baby.

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Scarlett wore her Sofia the First dress and was very proud and very excited. She loved that the whole room was pink, and that her baby could sit right up at the table.

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The waiter was super friendly. We decided to order hot chocolate instead of tea. He made it fresh for us, complete with whipped cream, and poured it for Scarlett.

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Soon after, he brought out a nice tower of food.

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It was all pretty tasty, and each item was inspired by a different historical American Girl.

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Scarlett enjoyed dipping fruit in yogurt.

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I liked the little sandwiches.

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Bitty Baby was just happy to have her own little tea cup.

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It was a nice little mother/daughter date. Scarlett had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back. She’s definately an American Girl fan now.


Disney Movie of the Week: Alice in Wonderland

Because Once Upon A Time in Wonderland premiered on Thursday, I thought it was good week for Alice In Wonderland.

Riding the teacups at Disney World
Riding the Tea Cups at Disney World

I’m not sure what wacky activities we will do that are related to the movie. Hopefully a tea party, and maybe some croquet? Not sure if that’s a little kid game, but we’ll figure it out. Scarlett loves the Queen of Hearts, so it should be fun at least!