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Air & Scare 2013

One of our Halloween traditions is attending Air & Scare at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center. It’s a fun evening of trick or treating among the planes, as well as some crafts, science activities, and lots of Star Wars characters!

airscare13 019

The kids dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Sofia the First. They quickly got a bag full of candy to enjoy as we strolled around the museum.

airscare13 004

We spotted the giant Marshmallow Man where Luke and Tom got a photo with some Ghostbusters.

marshmallow man


We checked out some exhibits and games.

airscare13 036

airscare13 040

airscare13 017

Then we got pictures with a bunch of Star Wars characters

airscare13 050

airscare13 058

Luke was a big fan of the Jawa.

airscare13 055

(Scarlett wasn’t that interested in being photographed.)

airscare13 060

This is a fun event that we look forward to each year, and 2013 was no exception. Planes, candy and Jedi – what more could you ask for?




Disney Planes Activity: Air & Space Museum

One of the great things about living right outside of Washington D.C. is the access to so many wonderful museums. One is the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, which fit perfectly without our Disney Planes week.

dcaug18 088

They have everything from military aircraft to passenger jets to the early planes built by the Wright Brothers.

dcaug18 071
dcaug18 085

dcaug18 132

dcaug18 154

They also have interactive areas where you can learn while you play.

dcaug18 134

The kids liked the airplane repair area the best. Tools and gears are fun!

dcaug18 127

dcaug18 119

dcaug18 137

Suprisingly, we found a good amount of Disney sprinkled throughout the museum!

dcaug18 090
Disney World is easily accessible by air – here’s some luggage with souvenirs!

dcaug18 114
Mickey Mouse cartoon

dcaug18 170
Of course, Planes in the gift shop!

Luke and Scarlett loved this museum. Scarlett has asked to go again every day since we left! It’s a great place to visit in the D.C. area.