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Theme Dinner : Frozen

I’ve been meaning to do a Frozen themed dinner for a few months, now. Finally, I got around to it on Sunday.



I sort of combined somethings from the movie that the characters liked to eat and some items that were inspired by the movie in general.

Our “Frozen” Menu: 
Sven’s Carrots with Hummus
Coronation Chocolates
Snowball Cupcakes
Frozen Fjord


Sandwiches were in honor of Hans and Anna’s song. I made Peanut Butter and Fluff since the white marshmallow was kind of snowy.



The blue cupcakes with white frosting were a yummy dessert and ice cold blue Gatorade worked well for a themed drink. The leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates were fun, too. I think both Anna and Elsa would’ve enjoyed them!


Disney Sensory Bin: Frozen

Scarlett got  a Disney Frozen My Busy Book for Christmas. It came with a bunch of small characters that were good for a Frozen themed sensory bin.


I used salt to make a snow-looking base, and added some snowflake charms. I think it looked very pretty!




Scarlett has been obsessed with Frozen for months, so she enjoyed this. She mostly buried the characters in the salt. I forgot to take pictures, but she had a good time.