Zoolights at the National Zoo

On Friday night, we went to Zoolights at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.


We got to see a few animals, visit the model train exhibit, ride the carousel, take a train ride, and enjoy many holiday lights around the zoo.


The carousel had lots of different animals that we could ride. Scarlett picked a flamingo. Luke rode the eagle.

Luckily, it wasn’t as cold as it has been in years past, so we got to enjoy being outdoors.


The kids really enjoyed watching these flowers change color. Luke’s favorite was green and Scarlett’s was purple.


We got to see some sleeping gorillas! That was the highlight of the night.


This LEGO city was pretty cool.



This little train was a really fun ride. We traveled around the farm area. The kids really enjoyed this. We might have gone again if the line wasn’t so long.

I always enjoy the zoo, and Zoolights is another fun way to enjoy it. It makes the holiday season a little more special.