Breaking Bad Finale Dinner

Breaking Bad is neither Disney nor Kid-Friendly, but I like the show and I like this dinner I created for it so I wanted to post it somewhere. Please skip this post if you may be offended by the content of things related to Breaking Bad.

Both Tom and I found Breaking Bad to be one of the best shows on television, so for the Series Finale, I put together a themed dinner based on the show. With a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, the meal came out pretty fun and pretty delicious!


Breaking Bad Finale Menu


I spelled “Skyler” wrong, but the green beans were good

The green beans were Tom’s idea, which I thought was great because it added something healthy to the meal, plus it commemorates one of the best scenes from the show.

Regarding the finale, I thought it was a great ending. I’m so glad Tom made me watch the show!

Goodbye, Breaking Bad. You will be missed!

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  1. He was hesitant at first. We traded off. I told him I would watch Game of Thrones if he watched Breaking Bad. It was a win-win thing. Glad you liked it!!?

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