Luke’s Bouncing Birthday

For Luke’s birthday, he wanted to go to one of our favorite play places – Sport Bounce of Loudoun. It’s a bit of a drive, so we don’t go as often as the kids would like. Going as a birthday treat was just what an energetic 5-year-old wanted.

<bounce house birthday

We got to open bounce a little late, but an hour ended up being enough time to get in everything they wanted to do.

bounce slide

Luke got to jump, slide and even experience hurricane force winds!

hurricane simulator

My mom is visiting so she got to play a bit, too.


It was a nice time, especially since they have added, Jumpin’ Java, a new coffee shop!

I’d love to have a full-fledged birthday party here someday. Luke wanted a Minecraft themed birthday dinner, though, so we left at the end of Open Bounce to shop for his special meal. See what we came up with in the next post!