Summer Fun List: Ride the Carousel

When I discovered that there was a Carousel on the National Mall, I knew we had to ride it. Even though it costs $3.50 per person, it still seemed worth it. Scarlett LOVES carousels (or “carouselfs” as she calls them) and was absolutely giddy when we told her we were going to ride one.

dcaug18 069

It’s a pretty cool location, with the Washington Monument on oneside and the Capitol Building on the other.

dcaug18 048

The carousel has old-fashioned charm. Tom took the kids to ride while I took pictures.

dcaug18 003

And it was super fun for a 3 and 4 year old. They waved every time they passed me.

dcaug18 042

dcaug18 063

Scarlett wanted to go again as soon as the ride ended, but we told her we would take her to the carousel at Clemyjontri Park, which is half the price. I’ll ride that one with them! She agreed and said a loving goodbye to her white horse that she named “Pink-Blue.”

dcaug18 068

It makes a nice summer memory.