Oz The Great and Powerful Activity: Port Discovery Museum Part I

When I found out there was a Wizard of Oz exhibit at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore, I knew we had to make the trip.

We showed the kids The Wizard of Oz the night before we went so they had a reference point, and Scarlett spent the entire drive singing “Follow The Yellow Brick Road.” It was a nice build up.

The Oz exhibit was pretty neat, with many different things to explore.
The first area we visited had items from Kansas and from stops along the Yellow Brick Road.

Inside Dorothy’s room, we could see the tornado and make it spin!

A Twister!

We found the yellow brick road. We didn’t attempt to build the rainbow arch.

Build a Rainbow over the Yellow Brick Road

Scarlett had fun dressing up the Munchkins and making the apple tree talk.



Luke learned about optical illusions.


He brushed the lion’s mane and passed the courage test!


He also played with some gears to get the Tin Man’s heart beating.


There were several other little parts to this section, including building Glinda’s crown, playing songs with pipes in Munchkinland, decorating Scarecrow, and making a tornado in a tube.

And there was even more Oz to explore once we made it to Emerald City. Check out Part II for more pics!