Disney Family Movie Night: Toy Story 2

For our Toy Story 2 movie night dinner, I focused on Woody’s Round-Up Gang (plus Al dressed as a chicken).

  toystory 003

Our Toy Story 2 Menu:
Al’s Toy Barn Chicken
Stinky Pete’s Gold Corn Nuggets
Bullseye’s Carrots and Apples
Woody’s Cowboy Crunch (Reese’s Cereal)
Andy’s Cowboy Camp S’mores Pie (Chocolate pudding in graham cracker crust with marshmallows)
Jessie’s Rootin’-est Tootin’-est Root Beer

toystory 010

toystory 018

toystory 006

This dinner was a little more elaborate than usual, but it was easy to put together. And it tasted good, too!

The movie was one of our better viewings. Luke thought the scene where the toys have to cross the street under traffic cones was great, and was genuinely concerned that the pipe might run them over! Too funny.

I feel a little bad when I watch Toy Story 2 because I have an eBay toy store. As someone who shops yard sales to find toys to sell, I am essentially The Villain in this movie!! I have never and would never steal something from a yard sale, though, so that puts me one step above Al. And I haven’t sold anything to a museum yet, just to new kids who will love the toys. So maybe I’m a good guy in the end?


You can get my menu cards for this meal here and here. Enjoy!