The Princess and the Frog Activity: Jazz Music & Sweet Frog

My mom and aunt came to visit over Memorial Day weekend, and we had tons of fun showing them around town.

memorialday 015
Scarlett Loves her Mimi
memorialday 041
memorialday 039
Showing off for Mimi at the Playground

memorialday 112
At the Alexandria Waterfront
We spent Monday morning in Old Town Alexandria, and when our guests headed to the airport, we headed over to the Alexandria Memorial Day Jazz Festival.
memorialday 117

We listened to the smooth bass, soulful horn, and soothing rhythms.

It was a little too mellow for Luke. Scarlett fell asleep. But I thought it was rad.

memorialday 118

Luke said he took so many pictures with my mom that he had no smiles left, so this was the photo I got.

memorialday 119

After the concert, we went for frozen yogurt at sweetFrog (Scarlett woke up for that!)

memorialday 131
Luke had one more smile left.
  memorialday 126

Both kids got gummy frogs on their sundaes. I asked Scarlett to kiss hers.

  memorialday 129
She preferred biting its head off instead. Oh well!